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many species of algae,salt-tolerant grasses,shrimp,crabs,clams,oysters,snails,worms,and fish

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Why must organisms in an estuary have special adaptations?

All organisms must adapt to the environment in which they live. Organisms in an estuary have special adaptations to survive in both fresh and sea water.

What lives in an estuary?

organisms * fish * mammals * grasses

Bacteria and algae are common in the Chesapeake Bay estuary What level do these organisms inhabit within the estuary?

Neritic Zone.

Does a otter live in a estuary?


Do turtles live in an estuary?


Do snails live in an estuary?


What are two features of an estuary that allows large numbers of organisms to live there?

tides that bring in nutrients/food, and brackish (only partly salty) water which allows non-marine things to live there

Do sea lions live in the estuary zone?

They hunt at sea but I have seen them loafing about in the estuary zone.

What is estuary in organisms?

An estuary is an area, or body of water where the water from a river meets the water of a larger body of water such as a bay or ocean. Thus an estuary has mixed wildlife and is inbetween salt and fresh water.

What animals that live in an estuary are herbivores?


What kind of animals live in a estuary?

There are many

Where does bhetki live?

Estuary and coastal regions

How many different animals on an estuary?

Only animals that can live in freshwater or saltwater live in an estuary because estuaries are places where freshwater and saltwater meet.

What reptiles live in an estuary?

Lizards, snakes, and turtles live in estuaries.

Marine organisms that are euryhaline would most likely be found in which environment?

coastal estuary

What is an estuary and why is it important to marine organisms?

•An estuary is a partly enclosed coastal body of water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea.

Why must organisms of the estuary be adapted to varying levels of salinity?

Because at one end of the estuary is the Sea which has salt water and at the other is the river which has fresh water. Along the estuary as the two waters mix, there will be varying levels of salt in the water and these will change as the tide goes in and out and the river periodically floods. Organisms living at one location on the estuary therefore have to be able to deal with varying levels of salt in the water that surrounds them.

What are some herbivores that live in a estuary?

diffrent kinds

Does the Great Horned Owl live in a estuary?


What is the difference between a coral reef and an estuary?

An estuary is the wide mouth of a river, opening out to the sea and a coral reef is where fish live!

What decomposer live in an estuary?

Common Soil Bacteria Nematodes

What plants live in an estuary biome?

phytoplankton is as well as zoo plankton

What are 5 producers that live in an estuary?

one is plankton which is the main producer

What are 3 plant adaptations that live in the estuary?

None, go get a life!

The area where the organisms live?

Organisms live everywhere

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