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What organization was set up to prevent other world wars?

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There was an organization called the League of Nations, (or "LON"

in short) which was formed after World War 1. Its aim was to

prevent wars from taking place and world-wide disarmament. Sadly,

the main powers like Britain and France were self-minded, and

dealing with Great Powers like Japan, Germany, and Italy were

inefficient. Several small countries had solved their disputes,

however, because they feared trade embargos with these world powers

would adversely affect their economy.

When Communists came into power in the USSR (in 1917), the League

of Nations banned the USSR, as they feared the spread of Communism.

Although the United States started the idea of the LON, the USA did

not join because of their isolationism policy.

These inefficiencies of the League of Nations led to outbreak of

World War 2. Fortunately, in 1946 the League of Nations volunteered

to dissolve themselves because the United Nations (or "UN") had

formed in 1945. It has gone from 51 founding members to 192 current

members. Today, just about every country - including Israel, North

Korea, Iran, and Iraq has joined the UN. Currently (as of November

2009), there are only three countries not a part of the United

Nations: Kosovo, who gained independence in February of 2008 (but

is not internationaly recognised), the Vatican City, who opted not

to join, and Taiwan.

The issue with Taiwan is a little complicated, but the main problem

is representing both the People's Republic of China and Taiwan at

the same time.

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