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i dont know yet.

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Q: What organs are near the heart?
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What are organs are near the heart?

the heart is near the liver and the lungs......... please if you know the answers to questions answer them...... people need them........the heart is laterally to the lungs (Superiorly to the heart is the thoracic inlet, inferiorly is the diaphragm, anteriorly is the sternum, and posteriorly the spinal column.)

Which organs are involved with the heart?

All of your organs are involved with the heart. The heart pumps blood to all the organs in your body.

What organs are in the heart?

The heart is an organ; it contains no other organs within it.

What other organs does the heart work with?

the other organs that work with the heart are the vains.

What governs organs such as the heart stomach and intestines?

what governs organs such as the heart,stomach and intestines

Vessel that brings blood from the heart to the organs?

Arteries carry blood from the heart to the organs of the body.

Is the lungs and the heart are located superior to the abdominal organs?

Yes, the heart and lungs are superior to the organs of the abdomen in that they are located above those organs.

What connects the heart to other organs in the body?

Arteries and veins connect the heart to the other organs in the body.

A scientist finds fossae on a bone sample What can the scientist conclude?

This bone was near blood vessels or organs.

What is one of your body most important organs?

The Heart. Because the heart supplies blood to the rest of the organs without it the other organs would fail

What organs are classified as soft organs?

heart eyes brain

What are the organs in your chest?

The organs in your chest are your heart and lungs xx

What organs are affected by tetanus?

What organs are affected by tetanus?

Can you survive a heart attack after your heart stops beating for 45 minutes?

Unless you are cooled to near the freezing point of water immedidiatly after the cardiac arrest then increasingly rapid, significant, irrepairable damage is caused after about 5 minutes is caused to a number of body organs that need your heart to be working for those organs to survive

What organs are by the heart?

The lungs.

What are the lungs an the heart?


What are some examples of organs?

Organs: The brain, the heart, the stomach, the liver, the pancreas, etc.

The organs most sensitive to deprivation of oxygen are the heart and?

The organs most sensitive to deprivation of oxygen are the heart and the brain.

How do you describe the position of heart and stomach?

The position of the heart and stomach are based on their location in the abdomen and chest. The heart is near the center of the chest, while the stomach is on the bottom left of the rib cage. There is no better way to describe the position of these organs.

What are human organs?

The human organs are the heart the lungs (kidneys?)Mucsels

What are the organs of circulatory system?

The three major organs of the circulatory system are: The Heart, The Brain and The Lungs:

Which type of muscles is found in internal organs?

The internal organs except for the heart have smooth muscle. The heart has myocardial muscle.

Heart, lungs, kidney and reproductive organs are controlled by?

Autonomic nervous system

What organs and systems are affected by heart disease?

obviously the heart.

What is flowing from the heart to other organs and back to heart?

a valve