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What organs regulates blood pressure?

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It's a combination of several organs, the kidneys, adrenals, lungs, baroreceptors in the Aorta and carotid sinus, plus the hypothalamus and the medulla oblongatta.

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What helps regulate blood pressure metabolism and reproduction?

The endocrine system are glands that releases hormones into the circulatory system. The circulatory system then carries them into the organs. It regulates blood pressure, metabolism, and reproduction.

What regulates blood flow to tissue and blood pressure?


What gland regulates body temperature and blood pressure?

The hypothalamus of the brain regulates body temperature and blood pressure. It secretes cortisol, which is important in controlling these things.

What are the hormones of the excretory system?

The excretory system has antidiuretic hormone ADH that regulates how often you have to pee, renin angiotensin aldosterone that regulates blood pressure and atrial natriuretic that also regulates blood pressure.

What are the organs that regulates red blood cells production?

heart or liver

What is the importance of laughter?

Laughter regulates your blood pressure

What is the hormone that regulates blood pressure?

Adrenal Cortex

What part of the brain regulates blood pressure?

It is the medulla oblongata.

What part of the brain regulates heartbeat and blood pressure?

the medulla

Which part of the nervous system regulates blood pressure?

the medulla

What is the gland that regulates body temperature and blood pressure?


Which hormone released by the heart regulates blood pressure?


Does potassium increase blood flow?

Potassium increases blood flow and also regulates blood pressure.

What is blood pressuer?

Blood pressure is the pressure of your blood on you vessels (arteries). too high a blood pressure can damage your vessels and some organs.

What part of the nervous system regulates blood pressure?

It's the medulla.

Why does flushing sodium from the body lower blood pressure?

the body regulates sodium level by adding water to blood in circulation, that contibutes to increasing blood pressure.

What organ contains the control center for feedback system that regulates blood pressure?

From eurekalert:When blood pressure increases the kidneys respond by extracting extra water and salts into the urine, causing blood volume -- and hence pressure -- to fall. But special nerve pathways mean the brain can also regulate urine production and hence influence blood pressure.So, no one organ regulates blood pressure.

What part of the brainstem regulates heartbeat blood pressure swallowing and digestion?

The medulla

What pair of organs are failing if you have extreme swelling in your ankles high protein content in urine blood pressure is 118 over 78 complications of arthritis and creatinine levels are 3.2 mg?

there is only 1 pair of organs that regulates anything, the kidneys.

What organs maintain blood pressure?

heart and kidney

What produces and maintains blood pressure in the circulatory system?

The autonomic nervous system regulates the heart rate and the diameter of the arteries. This is what determines blood pressure.

What mineral helps maintain proper fluid balance and regulates blood pressure?


What part of the brain regulates breathing heartbeat and blood pressure?

Pons & Mendulla Oblongata

Is low blood pressure healthy for you?

Normal blood pressure is but low blood pressure isn't. If the BP is low, not enough oxygen gets the brain and other organs.

What part of the brain regulates heart rate?

The medulla oblongata regulates heart rate. The medulla oblongata also regulates other involuntary things like breathing and blood pressure.