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The most common problem is tires out of balance One of the weights could have come loose and fly off Have them rebalanced at a reputable shop 2nd most common is a bad tire (new or old) 3rd most common is a bad shock absorber 4th most common is bad parts in the steering mechanisms

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Q: What other components can cause front end vibration in an 2005 Ford E350 with less than 9k miles other than tires rims and steering dampener?
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What are the causes of tennis elbow?

probably the most common cause of tennis elbow is vibration from the racket. the vibration travels from the racket to your hand, to your wrist, and then to your elbow. if you want to know how you can prevent this, or help it, you can put a vibration dampener in the strings. that will help a lot.

Why does your steering wheel turns easily but your wheels don't?

All steering linkages have either a "U" joint to align the Steering Colum to the steering box or rack OR They have a noise and vibration damper made of rubber and cloth like a tire side wall. Either of these components can fail and cause the symptom you describe.

What is cause of vibration in steering on 2004 dodge grand caravan stx?

parking brake on.

What causes steering wheel vibration during acceleration?

During acceleration? I'm not sure. But when both idling and acceleration the engine's combustion can cause a lot of vibration in the steering wheel if you are in an older vehicle.

What is a good sentence with the word vibration?

The vibration was so severe in the front end, I had trouble steering the car. I could only feel the vibration when the car accelerated. Earthquakes cause a distinct vibration of the earth.

Will bearing hub replacement cause steering vibration?

A bad wheel hub searing can cause vibration on your steering. Loose or broken steering and suspension components can cause vibrations when accelerating, decelerating or changes in speed. Worn tie rod bushings, damaged struts or shocks are common causes of vibration. Drivetrain problems, such as a bad wheel bearing, damaged CV-joint (front-wheel-drive cars), a bent or imbalanced driveshaft (rear-wheel-drive cars) or missing chassis/drivetrain damper weights are all examples of speed-sensitive vibrations.

What could cause steering wheel vibration when applying breaks while driving on a highway at 50 mph in a 2001 Galant?

Steering wheel vibration when applying brakes is usually caused by warped disc brake rotors

What could cause the steering wheel to shimmy on a 98 4x4 tacoma other than tires or wheels?

Tires can be either out of balance or have a slipped belt and cause vibration in the steering wheel. Wheels can be bent and cause it. CV joints can be almost to the point of failure and cause it. Excessively loose steering components (ball joints, Rack, idler arm (if present), struts... Either the front or rear drive shafts could be out of balance most likely the front

Why do you balance your tires?

You balance your tires because sometimes the rim or rubber is too thick and it'll cause a wobble in your tire and steering. So when you take them to the dealer they add weights to balance them out. You don't absolutely have to do this but it sure does help alotAn unbalanced tire will cause a vibration in the suspension. You can feel this in the steering wheel. This imbalance will cause suspension and steering components to wear prematurely. Plus it will cause the tire to wear in an uneven pattern. Keeping your tires balanced is very important.

What would cause front end vibration is a 02 Mercury sable The vibration starts at about 45mph and is worse with a full tank of gas?

Check the entire front end assembly. Wear in the tie rod ends, ball joints, or other components can cause the vibration.

What can cause vibration in steering and car when turn steering wheel at stop or slow speeds mainly to the left?

Warped rotor,Tie rods, Wheel bearings (hub).

What are the reason for steering wheel vibration?

The most common cause is a tire out of balance. It can also be a bent wheel, defective tire, wheel bearing, or steering parts worn.

Why does steering wheel vibrate when brakes are applied?

This is probably due to worn brake rotors on the brakes, if there is no vibration when driving then this will be the cause.

What would cause a knocking noise when braking?

Normally caused by worn steering or suspension components.

What will cause your steering wheel to wobble around corners?

Worn steering parts. I would strongly suggest you take this car to a mechanic, have it put on a rack, and the steering components inspected.

Can a loose steering gear box cause a vibration after jerking steering wheel?

1996 c60 truck if you turn steering quickly at low speeds vehicle shacks acts like drive train until you stop

What causes steering shake?

Many things can cause steering shake. Wheels out of balance. ( including rear wheels ) Tryes out of round. Worn steering components. Worn suspension components. Even loose wheel nuts/bolts. Get it checked out for safetys sake.

What would cause a vibration in the steering wheel and a smell of burning rubber after 10 minutes of driving?

A flat tire is one possibility

Describe how vibration cause sound?

Vibration does not cause sound, vibration IS sound. Sound is merely how our brains interpret the vibration that comes into our ears.

What would cause vibration in steering wheel when you turn?

Depending on the severity of the vibration, could be a bad tire (worn on edges) creating a "wobble" on turns, or may be a bad wheel bearing (cv joint)

How do you remove play from steering on 93 Chevrolet caprice classic?

Check the front end components for the cause

What can cause a vibration in your truck only happens when you're taking off and turning either right or left not straight?

Power Steering Pump

Will the rack and pinion steering system cause the rotors to warp or cause a shudder while braking?

Rack and pinion steering will not cause warped rotors. The tie rods, which are part of the system, can cause a vibration if the bushings on the ends are worn out. Warped rotors will do the same thing, and this will show up when applying the brakes.

What causes the death wobble in Jeep Wranglers?

Many different possibilities. Start with Steering Stabilizer and steering components. A bad coil can also cause the wobble. sometimes if the casters are at the wrong angles on the arms it can cause a wobble. Sure replacing the bushings, steering stabilizer and improving the suspension will help. . .but that is not where the problem lies. Take a look at the power steering motor itself, you'll notice that the BEARING in the steering shaft that connects to the pit-man arm wobbles due to the constant force from turning left and right left and right all the time. this is due to the wear and tear of the steering motor. Jack up the cart get underneath and as someone turns the wheels left and right watch the shaft wobble. THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM! You must replace the steering motor! Any loose suspension or steering component, a worn/weak steering dampener (shock), and the tires themselves can cause "death wobble".

Can vibration cause itch?

yes, A vibration with a frequency high enough to cause itching