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What other methods besides being overly nice do abusers use to reunite with their victims after a break-up?

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Talking them into the realtionship again, saying that they won't never do whatever it is they did again. Buying them things, taking them out to dinner, and telling the person how much they love them and miss them. But 9 times out of 10, they will abuse again.

2006-07-19 00:49:53
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What other forms of manipulation do abusers use besides being nice and apologetic to reunite with a partner after a break-up?

There are a number of ways that abusers use to try to reunite the relationship. These kinds of people will play the "guilt card" which is kinda like a "poor-me" type of manipulation. Other ways are through gifts like flowers, a card, dinner, etc.; even just questions like "how are you gonna take care of yourself on your own?" and from what I've seen is this form of manipulation where the abused comes running back to the abuser. What happens is that the abused person becomes so used to being treated that way that can't see themselves happy. So by choice, the person who was abused goes running back to the one who abused them. the worst one is when the abuser gets more abusive to try to scare the person back to being with them. And when they do that, its gets real dangerous cause the abuser can possibly take it to extremes.

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