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One reason was disease. The Native American tribes had no resistance to chicken pox, measles, mumps, and other diseases brought to Latin America by Europeans.

Another reason is that the Indians were treated brutally by the new settlers. The natives suffered greatly from the harsh hand of the Europeans.

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How did colonists bring bees to America?

The colonists had bees shipped to America in hives. The first arrived in the Jamestown colony and spread throughout the area.

What was most responsible for the decrease in the Native American Indian population in the settled areas of North America during the Colonial period?

Disease. By the time the first colonists arrived, early visits by fishermen and explorers had exposed the natives to European diseases which devastated the populations along the East coast of North America.

The origin of the word woodchuck?

The name wuchak, which sounds very much like woodchuck, was what Algonquin Indians called the ground hog before European colonists arrived in North America.

When did European colonists begin using Africans as slaves?

The first slave arrived in the colonies in 1619, so they were there from the start.

Before European settlers arrived the great plans of north America were what?

wild grasses

Before European settlers arrived the of North America were wild grasses?

The Great Plains.

Before European settlers arrived the Great Plans of North America were?

wild grasses

What was America called before the European arrived here?

It was called the North Gate by ancient Africans

Before European settlers arrived the Great Plains of North America were?

inhabited by Native Americans.

What religion did the people of Maryland believe in the year 1632?

Any number of Native American beliefs since European Colonists had not yet arrived.

Population growth in the 1500's in Maryland?

Unlikely because European diseases had not yet arrived.

What type of forced labor systems existed in America before the European explorers arrived?

prostitution and slavery.

Which explorer reached the US first?

The first European who arrived in North America was Leif Ericson-a Viking.

Who are the first people who arrived in north America?

The American Indians were the first. The first European was Christopher Columbus

Were the English colonists prepared when they arrived?


What is the old language in America?

Before the European settlers/invaders/explorers arrived, Native American languages dominated.

What was the three main Indian groups on south America before the European explorers arrived?

The Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs.

What was life like in north America before the European settlers arrived?

there were indians living there before they were enslaved by columbus

What is the importance of Jamestown?

Jamestown, Virginia is the first permanent British settlement in America. The colonists first arrived at Jamestown on May 13, 1607.

How did smallpox effect the aboriginals when the Europeans arrived in North America?

The Europeans affected the aboriginals by decreasing population

What did Leif Ericson found?

He was the first European to set foot in North America. In fact, he arrived 500 years before Columbus.

When Christopher Columbus arrived to America?

Arrived in 1492

Why did European explorers claim land in North America?

Europeans explorers claim land North America because they were trying to get to Asia but instead they arrived at North America. They didn't know Americas existed

Who were the first European explorers to North America?

It is believed that the first European explorers to reach North America were actually Vikings led by Leif Ericsson who reached Newfoundland off the eastern coast of Canada. They arrived early in the 11th century.

Who discover Jamestown when were how?

Jamestown Virginia was discovered by the colonists when they came to America in 1607. They arrived and discovered the land where Jamestown was founded about 40 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

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