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Rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezium, kite.

Also a chevron, which is a concave 4-sided shape.

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What is a four sided shape like is it a pentagon?

No, a pentagon has 5 sides. A four sided shape is called a quadrilateral. An example of a four sided shape is a square or a rectangle. However, there are also other four sided shaped like trapeziums and kites...

What is a four sided shape name?

A square is a four sided shape but generically they are called Quadrilaterals.

Name of a four sided figure?

The name of a four sided figure (or shape) is called a Square. :)

Is it true that a four sided shape is always a square?

No. All four sided shapes are quadrilateral.

Is it true that a four sided shape is always a square why?

No, a four sided shape is not always a square. The mathematical name for a four sided shape is a QUADRILATERAL. The definition of a square is a four sided shape with four equal sides and angles, internal angles totalling 360 degrees and four lines of symmetry. If a shape has all of these properties, it is a square.Possibilities for a four sided shape areAs said above, all are called quadrilaterals, but some have special propertiesA Parallelogram, which has opposite sides parallel to each othera Rhombus, which has all sides equal and parallel, but not necessarily with right anglesA Rectangle, which is a parallelogram with right angles.A Square, which is a rhombus rectangle. All four sides equal, all angles equal and right, all diagonals bisecting each other. It really is hip to be square.

Is a square the only four sided shape?

No, there are many four sided shapes. The Square is one of them. Others include rectangle,trapezoid, parellelogram, and rhombus

Four sided shape?

A four sided shape is a quadrilateral.

What re the quadritals?

A shape with four sides. Example a square is a 4 sided shape

Which shape is a four sided figure?

Four sided figures are quadrilaterals such as a square, a rectangle, a rhombus, a parallelogram, a kite .... etc

Is a rectangle also a square?

No, but all squares are rectangles because a rectangle is a four sided shape with at least two even sized sides where a square is a four sided shape with all even sides

Why is a four sided shape always a square?

A four-sided shape, or quadrilateral, is not always a square. It can also be a rectangle, an oblong, a parallelogram, a rhombus, a diamond, a kite, a trapezium or a delta (arrowhead/chevron). Sometimes it does not even have a name. A square is the only quadrilateral to have all four sidea and all four angles the same, and in any four - sided shape , the sum of the 4 angles is always 360`.

What is a 4 sides shape?

. square, .rectangle, A name for any four sided shape is a quadrilateral..

A four sided shape with 10 letters?

A shape that isn't a: -parallelogram -quadrilateral -square -rectangle

Do all quadrilaterals have four right angles?

No. Think of any other four-sided shape which isn't a square or rectangle. Get a piece of paper and draw a random four-sided shape which isn't a square or rectangle (you don't have to be able to name it).Hint: There are infinitely many.noNo only a square and a rectangle have 4 interior right angles.

What is a 4 sided shape has 2 parallel sides?

A four-sided shape in which only two sides are parallel is called a trapezoid. All two-dimensional, four-sided shapes are known as quadrilaterals.

What four sided shape makes a diamond?

A rhombus? A square? Either one of them.

What is a four sided shape called?

A four sided shape is called a quadrilateral.

What is a four-sided figure called?

Any four-sided shape is a Quadrilateral. Some other examples are: square rhombus parallelogram quadrangle rhomboid rectangle oblong kite trapezium trapezoid

What is the characteristics of a square?

a square is a four(4) sided shape and all the sides are equal and is 90 degrees

Is a squre a quadrilateral?

Yes because quadrilateral means four sided shape an a square has four sides!

What four sided shape has two parrellel lines?

square,rectangle,rhombus, and parallelagram

What is a polygon with 4 sides and 4 angles?

A square? a quadrilateral is any four sided shape with four angles.

What for sided shape has all sides the same length and all angles equal?

A square is a four-sided shape with all sides equal and all angles equal.

What is a quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is a four-sided figure that has straight sides and no curves. It can be a square and any shape that has four sides that connect, hence four angles and four vertices. Examples of quadrilaterals are a square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus.A quadrilateral is a 4 sided shape such as a square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram ... etc

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