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axle lube I had a similar problem with both sides of the rear axle on my '97. The fluid coated both parking brake pads. There is a small vent tube that comes out of the top of the differential. Wasps had filled the top end with mud and every time the axle heated up oil was pushed out of the seals. Disconnect the tube from the differential, insert an air compressor nozzle and blow out the tube. I had to replace both parking brakes and the seals.

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2006-08-27 04:08:30
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Q: What other than brakes could cause a fluid leak at the passenger-side rear wheel of a 2001 Expedition?
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You have a 97 Ford F-150 When the brakes applied there's thump when it slows down to about 20mph its consistent worn brakes the cause or other?

worn brakes could be the cause or check the A frame bushings

What would cause a Mazda 6 brakes to squeak?

If the brakes on a Mazda 6 are squeaking, it could be indicative of a problem. The brake pads could be incorrectly set.

What could cause squeaking from rear tire?

rubbing from brakes or rubbing from frame

Does this light stop brakes from working?

It would be against the law for a motor manufacturer to fit a light which could cause the brakes to fail.

Why does my car shake when brakes are applied?

Vibration when applying brakes is most likely warped rotors. Another cause could be loose caliper bolts.

My car shakes when hitting the brakes but it isn't the brake pads or rotors what else could it be?

worn front end parts (steering or suspension) could cause a car to shake when appling the brakes.

Your 2002 expedition dyed while you were driving it and it wouldn't restart you dont think it was getting a spark what could cause this?

could be coil

If you have changed the tires and have good brakes what would cause a car to turn sideways when you slam the brakes?

It could be a few things. it could be your alignment is off or you might have a bad bushing on one of your control arms. I hope this will help.

Why do your rear brakes on your S10 have no pressure?

Usually, a loss of pressure in your brake system means that there is a hole somewhere in the system. A leaking brake line or a punctured reservoir could cause a loss of pressure. A bad master cylinder could also cause a loss of pressure in the back brakes.

When the brakes are applied a vibration comes from the front of a vehicle with a disc drum system what could be the cause?

brake caliber

For a 95 Ford Windstar the brakes went and the front brakes have been changed with new pads and rotors - Back brakes were adjusted and there are still no brakes - what else to do to fix it?

what you have could be one of three problems. Check your reservoir to see if it has plenty of brake fluid, bleed your brakes,they may of lost the fluid while changing brakes. Also, if you have a vacuum leak it will cause your brakes not to work. Or it could be your master cylinder or your vacuum booster that has went bad. brewski

How do you clean brake pads?

Only use products designed to clean brakes. Most auto parts stores carry brake cleaner. If you use anything else it could leave a residue that could cause your brakes to fail.

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