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What other that the housing could cause a 96 cavalier to be spraying out tranny fluid or is it the housing?


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Check the lines for the transmission fluid that run to and from the radiator. It could also be a bad gasket.


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It depends where it is spraying from. The most probably cause is a faulty or worn o ring on the tank.

with me it was the o2 censer

loose cooler lines to the radiator or a broken one, front or rear tranny seal, a bad O ring on the dipstick tube, or the tranny oil pan gasket.

The Bands in the transmission are slipping/ the tranny is bad.

Because there are lines running from the radiator to the tranny, this lets the fluid flow through and be cooled so that it does not over heat in the tranny and cause damage to your bands inside your tranny.

The most likely cause is the transmission breather is plugged with dirt. It's normally on the top of the housing. You have to unscrew it, clean it with compressed air and varsol then reinstall. Or just go buy a new one.

No it will not cause it not to run.

Depends on what type of vehicle you have.

There are several things that can cause your 1995 Chevy Cavalier transmission not to go into drive or reverse. The most common cause is a lack of transmission fluid. A broken shifting fork will also cause the problem.

No. Low fluid alone should not cause that.

The water pump housing can be removed by removing the three retaining bolts. The gasket can cause the housing to stick. You might need to pry the housing off.

no. but tightening wrong or the lip of the thermostat trapped under the housing causing un even pressure on housing sure will.

i had same problem. what i did is replca the tranny filter and tranny oil, and solve my problem try it. i had same problem. what i did is replca the tranny filter and tranny oil, and solve my problem try me see how you doin -rockandroland117@yahoo.caANSWE ANSWER= shift lockout. some times wheel sensors will go out and the shift lockout will occur to prevent further damage to tranny.

The 2005 Cavalier could have a fuel leak. Have the entire fuel system checked, as a fuel leak can cause a dangerous fire.

front cause the tranny drive the steer axle

The primary cause for no diagnostic reading to be available on a 2001 Cavalier is a faulty connection or code reader. The computer is designed to automatically transmit codes once an ODBII code reader is connected to the port.

1979? 1982 is first year. Answer I a '97 Cavalier.. It probably sounds like loose lumber. That will be the UPPER rear shock MOUNT.

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