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What other words can you use other than Say Cheers?

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Aish Karo!" (Enjoy!) (India). * "Аз жаргал хүсье!" (meaning "Wish you happiness"), spelled Az jargal husie, (Mongolia) * "Be Salamati!" (Iran) * "Dzer kenatse!" (Armenia) - Ձեր կենացը՜, meaning to you! * "Egészségedre!" (To your good health!) (Hungary). * "Eviva" (Maltese) * "Geiá mas" (Our health! ) (Greece) * "Gesondheid" (To your good health!) (South African Afrikaans) * "Gan Bei" (China) * "На здравје!" (To good health) (Republic of Macedonia) * "На здраве!" (To good health) (Bulgaria) * "Iechyd Da" (Wales) * "Kanpai" (Japan) * "Terviseks" (Estonia) meaning for health * "Kippis" (Finland) * "L'Chaim" (Israel and Jewish communities worldwide) * "Noroc!" (Good luck!) (Romania). * "Prost" (Germany and German-speaking places) * "Proost" (The Netherlands) * "Schol" (Flanders) * "skál" (Iceland). * "Skål", in English often spelled Skoal, (Denmark, Norway, and parts of Finland) * "Santé", or "Chin", or "Tchin! Tchin" (France and Québec) * "Sláinte" (Ireland and among speakers of Scots Gaelic) * "Salute" ( "for health"), "prosit", "Cin cin" (Italy) (or "Tin tin" in Brazil) * "Saúde" (Portugal and Lusophone countries) * "Salud" (Spanish) * "Wihayeo", or "Geonbae" (Korea). * "Na zdrowie" (Poland). * "За вас!", (Russia); generic toast, in English often spelled Za Vas meaning to you. * "Şerefe" (To honor!) (Turkey). * "Salut!" (Catalan) or "Salut i Força al Canut!" * "Saliq!" (Azerbaijan) * "Letenachin"-Ethiopia (Colloquialism/Vulgar) * "Sǎnǎtate!" (To (your) good health!) (Romania). * "Topa!" (Meet [the glasses]!) (Basque). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toast_%28honor%29#Worldwide

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What are some other ways to say Thank you?

thanks cheers thanks cheers thanks cheers

How do you say cheers in Britain?

"Cheers" is what you say in Britain!

How do U say Cheers in German?

Cheers! = Prost! Cheers! = Prosit!

How do you say 'bye' in Australian?

Australians say bye, goodbye, see you, cheers, cheerio, hooroo, catch you later and other words and phrases similar to those heard in other English-speaking countries.

How do you say 'Cheers' in Esperanto?

"Je via sano" (i.e. to your health) is the usual way to say "cheers" in Esperanto

How do you say cheers in thai?

They dont say 'cheers' when having a drink, they say 'good luck' which translates to 'Chohk Dee.'

How do you say cheers in Sri lanka?

Cheers. People would understand.

How are antonyms different than synonyms?

Antonyms are words that are the opposite of other words. If I say "different" the antonym would be "alike". Synonyms are words that has the same meaning as other words. If I say "different" a synonym would be "various".

How do you say Cheers in Yoruba language?

You say "Cheers" in Yoruba language of the Western African origin as "Eku araya".

How do people say cheers in Japanese?

'Cheers' is乾杯 (kanpai) in Japanese.

How do you say Cheers in Mandarin?

Cheers in Mandarin is 干杯(gān bēi)

What naughty words can you say in club penguin?

Other than the word hell, you will get banned for using naughty words.

How do you say 'Cheers' in different languages?

This question is difficult to answer, because is wide and was already answered on many other websites in detail. One of them I recommend is www.cheersm8.com

Cheers in Spanish?

You say "cheers" in spanish like "alegrías". It also means Joys.

How do you say it cheers me up in french?

it cheers me up - cela me remonte le moral

How do you say cheers in Switzerland?

Most of Switzerland speaks German. In German, cheers is Beifall

How do you say cheers to toast when drinking in Norwegian?

In Norwegian, when toasting over a drink they say "skål!".Which is the equivalent of "cheers!" in English.

Figurative language is words or phrases that?

mean something other than what they literally say. -APEX- :)

How do you say cheers in Hungarian?

Egészségedre Egészségedre

How you say cheers in Chinese?

hello how are you doing

How do you say three cheers in Polish?

how do you say in Polish: Three Cheers... Mr. Playboy its so nice to meet you, can i come join the party too...

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