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What outward symbol were Jews required to display?

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the star of David

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What outward symbols were Jews required to display by the Nazis?

star of davidIn WW2 era Germany and Nazi-occupied countries, the yellow star.

What outwards symbol were Jews requried to display?

During World War II, those of the Jewish faith were required to display the Star of David (the 6-pointed star).

What symbols were Jews required to display?

the star of david

What symbol were Jews supposed to display?

A yellow six-pointed star.

What outward symbol were the Jews forced to wear on their arm?

It was a six-pointed Star of David, about the size of a human palm, and yellow in color. And it was not worn on the arm, it was worn on the left breast of the outer garment. During the Holocaust Jews were required to wear yellow star of david's on the chest and back of their clothing.

What symbol are Jews required to wear during the nazi occupation?

During the Nazi occupation Jews of some countries were forced to wear a Star of David.

What did the Hebrews put on their door?

As required by Deuteronomy 6:9, Jews put a symbol of their covenant with God on their doorposts. Specifically in the Book of Exodus, the Jews wiped lamb's blood on their doorpost as a symbol to the Angel of Death to avoid their houses.

Why do the Jews have symbol?

Same reason anyone has symbol.

What symbol did Hitler rquire all Jews to wear?

Hitler required a yellow star or a armband with "Jew" written on it so it was easy to identify them.

Why were the Jews required to wear the Star of David in the Holocaust?

The Jews were required to wear the Star of David during the Holocaust to identify to other people that they were Jews.

What does the cross symbolize to the Jews?

The cross is not a Jewish symbol. It does not symbolize anything to Jews.

Why were Jews required to wear the star of david?

Jews were required to wear the star of David so they know who were Jews or not and so they can't run and the Nazis know who they whereAnswer 2Strictly speaking, they weren't. The Star of David or Magen David is a symbol consisting of two superimposed triangular outlines. The yellow star that Jews have sometimes been required to wear as a distinguishing mark was a solid filled-in six-pointed star.They were required to wear it so that other people would be reminded to ostracise and abuse them, to make them, and anyone who treated them decently, conspicuous.

What is the symbol of the Jews?

Typically its considered to be David's star, as believed by most non-Jews. However, the actual symbol of Judaism and Jews is the 'menorah', the 7 branch candelabra that stood in the Temple in Jerusalem.

What was the Jews' symbol?

It was the Star of David

THe star of David is a symbol to which people?


What would happen if the Jews did not wear the symbol in Holocaust?

If the Jews didn't wear the symbol a neighbor would report them and they would be shot or sent to concentration camps.

Why did Jews have a fish symbol?

In Judaism, the fish is a symbol of fertility. It is also thought that the fish symbol wards away evil.

Symbol Jews in German controlled areas were forced to wear for identification?

The Yellow Star of David. The gay community was required to wear pink triangles and the communist red triangles.

Is there a Hebrew symbol for hope?

No, although many Jews look at the Israeli flag as a symbol for hope.

What is the Jews' holy symbol?

The religious symbol of Judaism is the menorah (7 branch candelabra).

Whai is the meaning of the star of David?

it was the symbol of Jews

The Star of David is a symbol relevent to which people?


The star David is a symbol relevant to which people?

the jews!!

What is swatsika?

It is the official symbol of the jews bumming hitler

What did Jews have to wear for the symbol of their religion?

star of david

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