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What over the counter drugs show up as dextroamphetamines?


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I am prescribed 54mg concerta and had to get drug tested becasue I was on probation. I never reported or told my PO or the doctor that I was on the drug. I was tested for amphetamine (cocaine...etc) and still passed even though the concerta was in my system.

Answerwhile answering this, i am actually wondering why.. because you are being drug tested and did it without a prescription, etc. but technically, for a drug test... it is "out" of the system in 1-3 days (in urine)as it is chemically similar or is amphetamine(i forget) also if its for a drug test, amphetamines are on the standard drug test. also, Ritalin is the same, AnswerIt does show up as AMPHETAMINES, it could show up as METHAMPHETAMINES. It depends on the drug test. The range of concentration. Amphetamines are testable in urine for up to 4 or 5 days after heavy use ( someone with a prescription) could be less after single use...

Adderall Is a dextroamphetamine which is another form of amphetamine which does show up positive on drug tests for amphetamines. One time usage of a 10mg pill should no longer be detectable in the urine after 1-5 days. If you are a more habitual user the higher concentration will stay in longer. The reason that the concerta did not show up when you were tested for Amphetamines is because Concerta is not an amphetamine at all. Adderall= Dextroamphetamine. Concerta= Methlyphenidate


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