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are you try to get rid of the baby? just go to a planned parenthood, its much more safer that way. becareful, if you are using over the counter drugs in an attempt to get rid of the baby and you are unsucessful, then you could end up with a child that has mental and physical defects. be responsible and go to a clinic.

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Q: What over the counter medicines can cause miscarriages?
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What over-the-counter medicines are equivalent to prescription testosterone?

There are no over-the-counter medicines equivalent to prescription testosterone.

What is a cause of over half of miscarriages?

In over half of all miscarriages, the fetus is abnormal. The abnormality can either be genetic or developmental.

What over the counter medication shows up as xanax?

what over the counter medicines will show up as xanax

Are there any over the counter medicines that are proven to improve concentration?

Yes, there are over the counter medicines that are proven to improve concentration. Pharmaton and Berocca are two of the most popular energy supplements.

Over the counter medicines for psoriasis?

is there anyone out there that is suffering from psoriasis on the face and arms that can help answer if there is a medication that can be bought over the counter.

What is the definition of over-the-counter medicines?

Medicine that does not need a prescription.

Can you claim over the counter medicines on State or Federal taxes?


What are the medicines that can be bought without prescription?

Over- The Counter (OTC).

Is there any over the counter medicines that you can give your cat for a cold?


What are over the counter medications?

Medicines you can buy without a doctor's prescription.

What over the counter medicines have trimodal in it?

There are no over the counter medications that have Tramadol in them. Tramadol is a low grade narcotic pain reliever and you need a prescription to get it.

What are Example of using over the counter drugs?

I would imagine that an example of over the counter drugs are. Medicines that are attainable without a doctors prescription. to literally mean that these medicines are available for purchase right off of the store shelves.

Are there over the counter medicines to substitute for Hydroxyzine?

Ja. Theres de ozxy

Can counter medicine make you have a dirty urine?

Nothing you could buy over the counter would show up on a narcotic drug test. -- However, there are a number of over-the-counter medicines that would cause an athlete to fail a test for performance enhancing drugs.

What overcounter drugs causes miscarriages?

There is usually noted on the package what the risks are but if you need medicine you should always ask your doctor. If you are looking for abortion you have to see a doctor. The medicine that cause abortion is not over the counter.

Does over the counter sleep aid cause weight gain?

No, over the counter sleep aids will not cause weight gain.

What over the counter medicines will show up as hydrocodone on a urine drug test?

Nothing will.

What over the counter medicines can you take for a cold while pregnant?

Ask your doctor or midwife

What over the counter pain medicines can you take while pregnant?

You should discuss that with your doctor.

What two major categories does federal law divide medicines into?

prescription and over-the-counter

Are there any over the counter medicines to treat trichomoniasis?

No there are not; you must get metronidazole or flagyl to kill the parasite.

Does infant Motrin contain aspirin?

No. Most over the counter medicines for infants do not contain aspirin.

Can a man use premenstrual medicinrs for hormone treatment?

No. There are no hormones in over-the-counter premenstrual medicines.

What are the most common over the counter medicines?

I would have to guess anti-hystamines, aspirin, and vitamins.

What medicines are bad for your kidneys?

Some over-the-counter medicines can be poisonous to the kidneys if taken regularly over a long period. Aspirin, acetaminophen and Ibuprofen have been found to be the most dangerous to the kidneys.

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