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A riddle
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Q: What overpowers you without hurting you?
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What overpowers you-without hurting you?


What overpowers you- without hurting you?


What overpowers you without hurting yoy?


How do you break your arm without hurting in?

There is no way without hurting yourself because it will hurt

Can you catch a rabbit without hurting it?


Why do you bruise whiteout actually hurting yourself?

Why do I bruise without actually hurting myself

How do you get out of an obligation without hurting their feelings?

Be honest.

What over-powers you without hurting you?


Can you brush your hair without it hurting?


How can you study hamsters without hurting them?


How do you tell a guy you dont like him without hurting him?

There's really no way to tell him without hurting him but just be completely honest he will move on in time

How do I pull out a tooth without it hurting?

Use anaesthetic

How to die without hurting yourself?


How do you tell a friend they are not invited to your party without hurting your feelings?

Lie saying that you have already invited to many people I don't think you can do that without hurting their feelings

How do you pop your legs without hurting yourself?

by exercising everyday

How do you make her laugh without hurting yourself?

Tell a joke?

How do you get rid of rabbits from your yard without hurting them?

havaheart traps

Can you use Clorox in water without hurting wildlife?

yes it can

How do you break your arm without it hurting?

Take lots of drugs.

Can you paint a box turtle's shell without hurting it?

No it will kill them

How do you get your cat out of a room without hurting them?

Pick it up and carry it out...

How to get rid of stray cats without hurting them?

Find them a home.

What do inventors do?

Inventors think of things like something that can capture a bird without hurting it. Then they create those things, like cameras. You can take a picture of a bird without hurting it.

How can Peru benefit from its rain forests without hurting the global evnviroment?

Replacing diminished resources would allow them to benefit from rain forests without hurting the global environment.

How can reach objects without hurting self?

Use a ladder, or climb