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pg 100

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Q: What page in Fahrenheit 451 does Montag read Dover beach?
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What page does montag realize he's not happy in Fahrenheit 451?

page 10

What page in Fahrenheit 451 does montag meet clarisse?

Page 5-10

On what page does the sentence montag watched through the window in Fahrenheit 451?


What page number in Fahrenheit 451 does montag talk about the woman burned in the fire?

Page 38-40, and also on Page 50.

What page does Mildred try to commit suicide in Fahrenheit 451?

Mildred Montag tries to commit suicide by means of overdose on page 13 of Fahrenheit 451. This is the page where Montag finds her and figures out what happened. The whole regenerating of Mildred and other important factors in the book carry on until page 16. On the bottom of page 18, Montag tries to talk to Mildred about her attempted suicide, with no success. Hope this was moderately helpful. :)

What page in Fahrenheit 451 does clarisse tell montag he's not like the others?

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What page does montag kill beatty?

page 113

On what page of Fahrenheit 451 does Clarisse ask Montag if he is happy?

It is on page 10 It depends what edition you have. The 60th Anniversary Edition of the book is the newest one. In this book the quote is found on page 7 at the very last paragraph.

What page did montag and mildred talk about where they met?

page 40

What page does Montag describe the rain tasting like wine?

Montag describes the rain as tasting like wine on page 33.

What page number does montag meet Faber?

Page 70 and 71

What page does montag read the poem?


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