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The paint that is best for a gunite pool is masonry waterproofing paint such as Drylok EXTREME. Depending on the brand you choose your paint job can last up to eight years.

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What can you repaint a Gunite pool with?

I have tried to paint my gunite pool last year with best paint you can buy at leslies pool supply and it did not even last a year, ifyou think it needs paint you might as well think about recoating it with gunite . I am now in a spot where all paint that is left on walls needs to be sandblasted and new gunite put on again, Hope you have better luck

What paint is best to repaint an inground gunite swimming pool?

Call Leslies' Pool supplies. They have paint, but it's about $100 a gallon. Good luck.

Do you have to sandblast paint off a gunite pool in order to repaint?

It would depend on the condition of the gunite and how many layers of paint are underneath. If the gunite is cracked or popping in places, sandblasting may damage the pool more. If the pool has been painted only one time previously acid washing may suffice. But you will always need to acid wash as a part of prepping the pool prior to painting. If there are several layers of paint on the pool sandblasting will ensure a better paint job. If you go with the acid washing and painting over existing paint be sure to have a chip of paint tested.

How much would it cost to sand blast a painted gunite pool and resurface it with new gunite if you live in Las Vegas?

The paint may be sandblasted off, Then just re-paint or marblelite

Is it safe to drain a gunite pool for the winter?

Best not to empty a gunite pool, period. Having the pool surface exposed to air and temperature chanfes and drying will result in cracking.

Steel pool vs gunite pool which is better?

Gunite, cement does not rust.

How often should you resurface a gunite pool?

How often should you resurface a gunite pool?

Is gunite use for waterproofing for pool?

No. Gunite is concrete.

What is the better pool Pebble sheen or gunite pools?

Pebble sheen is the finish on the surface of a pool gunite is the cement that a pool is constructed from in other words you can finish a gunite pool with pebble sheen.

Which is less expensive to build a pool with gunite or schockcrete?


Is gunite or fiberglass better for an indoor pool?

Either gunite or fiberglass will work well for an indoor pool.

how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

Can you paint your gunite pool?

Sure you can. Choose a good epoxy pool paint with a primer. Make sure the dry film thickness will be more than 14 mils (350 Microns) or it could fail.

do you just gunite a pool for a person?

building pool myself just want to contract out the gunite job are you interested

What is the best type of pool to install in central Texas gunite or vinyl?

I say gunite for the ability to create any shape pool you desire. Otherwise, you are stuck with the pre-fab design of the vinyl variety.

What is the average cost of a gunite pool in Texas?

The average cost of a gunite pool is $75,000. The price for the installation of this type of pool can range from $50,000 to $100,000.

What is a gunite pool surface?

Gunite is a trowled-on cement coating similar to stucco.

Can you change the shape of a gunite pool?


How do I purchase a gunite pool?

You would go to a pool builder

Can i Convert vinyl liner pool to gunite pool?

You can use the same hole in the ground for both a vinyl liner pool and a gunite pool. You should not need a new hole dug.

Can gunite be applied to the pool when it is wet and cold outside?

gunite gunned in cold weather

How long do you have to wet down a gunite sprayed pool?

Our pool installer told us to wet down our gunite once in the morning and once in the evening for seven full days after the gunite is installed.

How do you get paint off a gunite pool without sandblasting?

Pressure wash very close to the surface with a 15 degree tip and 2550psi or better.

Can areas of exposed concrete on the bottom of a gunite or plaster pool be repaired with water in the pool?

No, because gunite will not dry if it is constantly being mixed with water. Drain your pool first.

Can a gunite pool be repainted?

absolutely. consult ur pool professional

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