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Any pan that works on a regular stove works on a glass top stove.

The only time you need to use a particular type of pan is for induction cook tops. They work with magnetic fields so a pan that a magnet won't stick to won't work.

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Can you use a metal rack in a glass dish?

I would never recommend metal racks in glass pans . Both conduct heat at different levels and can cause the glass to brake. Please use metal racks in your metal pans .

What is the use of glass in cooking?

The use of glass in cooking is usually through the lids, which simply cover the pots. Glass pots and pans can be used in cooking, but they don't heat very well.

Does aluminum pans bake quicker than glass pans?

Aluminum because it is a better conductor

Which type of pans are best for electric ovens?

non stick and glass pans work the best

What is the difference in time use for baking a cake in a glass pan instead of a metal pan?

One reduces the baking time by about 5 minutes when using glass pans.

Is pyrex broiler safe?

No, the Pyrex pans are not safe for broiling in the oven. These dishes are made from glass which are not safe to use in the broiler.

How are Chinese Meals Prepared?

well they use special pans and ingredients. well they use special pans and ingredients. well they use special pans and ingredients. well they use special pans and ingredients.

Why are pots and pans made of metals and glass?

Why are pots and pans made of metals and glass

What vessels can be used in oven?

Tempered glass that specifies "for oven use", metal pans without plastic handles, cast iron pans, enamelware (metal covered with enamel) all can be used in a conventional oven.

What is Mesopotamians achiement?

they made frying pans ,razors ,glass,batteringram

Did aboriginals use pans to cook their foods?

Aboriginals in Australia did not use pans to cook their food.

Why does recipes for blackcurrant jam tell you to boil the fruit in copper or glass pans not iron pans?

because using the iron pan will give / send off more hydrogen gas than copper / glass

What did pioneers use to scrub pans?

They used horsetails to scrub pans

Can you use granite ware on glass cooktops?

Manufacturers typically advise not to, because the direct heat from the glass cooktop can cause the top, porcelain layer of the granite ware to melt. I wouldn't risk it. +++ You won't melt porcelain at cooking temperatures - start at 1000ºC - but certainly risk cracking it.

What is the difference between electric cooktops and gas cooktops?

The difference between gas cooktops and electric cooktops it the type of energy used to produce the heat used to cook the food. The electric cooktop needs electricity while the gas cooktop uses natural gas or propane.

How to Choose the Right Cake Pans?

If you’re baking a cake, the directions will generally tell you what size pan you should use, but will not tell you the material of the baking pan that you should use. Most cake pans are available in metal or glass varieties, although there are some silicone pans available. Depending on the recipe, the choice between metal or glass cake pans can have a significant impact on the final product. Glass cake pans allow you to see your cake while it bakes. Not only this, but glass is a poor conductor of heat. This means that it will take longer for a glass pan to heat up. However, glass can also get hotter and retain heat longer than metal. It’s a common misconception that home ovens cook food primarily through convection and conduction. Instead, the main factor that contributes to the cooking of food is radiant heat. Radiant heat is the light given off directly from the heating element. Glass cake pans can allow more radiant heat to enter the cooking vessel, making cooking times less. Metal pans, on the other hand, are shiny and reflect radiant heat, making a cake cook slower than a glass pan. Most cake recipes are formulated for metal pans. If you are using a glass pan, check your cake for doneness a few minutes before the instructions tell you to do so since a glass pan will allow your cake to cook faster. Cake pans can also be used in savory applications. Metal pans can react with acidic ingredients like tomatoes or vinegar and cause your food to have metallic tastes. These recipes are better suited for baking in a glass cake pan. Metal pans can also be used to help facilitate the browning of foods because they reflect radiant heat. For example, a roast chicken will brown more and have crunchier skin if the bird is roasted in a highly reflective, metal pan. A glass pan will, however, make the bottom of whatever you’re cooking crustier, since glass can get very hot and retain heat for a long time. When you’re cooking, always be aware of the kitchen equipment that you are using. It may not seem like a big deal to interchange glass and metal cake pans, but doing so can result in a dramatic difference in the outcome of the final product.

What did pioneers use to scour their pots and pans?

Pioneers would sometimes use horsetails to scour their pots and pans.

What is the difference between using a glass cake pan and a metal one?

Metal cake pans heat - and therefore cook your food - more quickly, but glass cake pans distribute the hear more evenly and are preferred by chefs.

Why do recipes for blackcurrant jam recommend that you boil the fruit in pans made from copper or glass and not iron?

it gives of more hydrogen gas if you use a iron pan

Which pots or pans would you buy glass copper or iron?

Every chef has their own personal preference. Copper pans lined with stainless steel are extremely popular for heat conduction. Glass can easily shatter and break so it is not as popular.

Why is copper a good metal to use for pans?

Copper is an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity. This is why they use it as pans and electrical wire. Also, it is cheaper than having steel pans.

What is a process that prospectors use?

They use pans yay!!

Will induction cooktops work well with stainless steel pots and pans?

Stainless steel cookware can be used on any cooktop. High quality stainless steel cookware usually has good heat conduction. If cooking stainless steel cookware with glass cooktop, make sure you don't drag the pot or pan while cooking as it might cause damage to your cooktop.

Do chefs use pancake pans to make pancakes?

No, most chefs do not use pancake pans to make pancakes. They use a simple griddle for making pancakes!

Can you put a glass pan in an oven?

No, absolutely not. If you put glass in the oven, it will crack and turn brown. It will ruin the pan, the food, and the oven. NEVER PUT GLASS IN THE OVEN. * * * * * * * * * * I don't know how old this post is, but actually, you CAN use glass such as Pyrex or Corning. I use a gas oven and that's all i use. I no longer have metal pans. Just check the "User Guide" that comes with your dish/pan. If it says it's safe to use in oven, you're fine. ************** It can. My mom used even a safe to use in oven glass pot and it exploded.