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i think the construction paper airplane will fly farther

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Q: What paper airplane goes farther notebook paper construction paper copy paper?
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What is a good hypothesis for paper airplane?

if our paper airplane is light , then the plane will go farther, because the wind will carry it farther

What flies farther a paper airplane or an aluminum airplane?

paper i think paper i think it's paper it's way lighter than aluminum so it will go farther

How far does a arrow paper airplane?

Farther than any other paper airplane that i know of

What paper boat floats the best copy paper notebook paper construction paper?

I used notebook paper, card stock, photo paper, and computer paper. Notebook paper floated the longest.

Will printer construction or newspaper fly farther?

Printer paper will fly farther than construction paper and newspaper. This is because the newspaper is to light, the construction paper is to heavy, printer paper is just right.

Does a paper airplane go farther when you add weight?

NO it does not.

Does construction paper make a better paper airplane?


How do you make a paper airplane go farther?

throw it in the wind

If you put holes in a paper airplane does it go farther?

yes. == ==

Does the wingspan of a paper airplane affect how far it flies?

Yes. A wider winspan will make a paper airplane fly farther.

Can the design of a paper airplane make it fly farther?

Yes, the design of a paper airplane cane help it to fly farther. The more aerodynamic the design, the better the plane will fly.

Which will fly farther a paper airplane or a plane made of newspaper?

wwhich will fly farther a paper airplan or a plan made of newspaper?

How does the size of the paper airplane effect how far it goes?

the smaller the airplane is the plane goes farther and the bigger the planes the plane doesnt go farther

Does adding weight to a paper airplane make it fly farther?

Just adding weight will not make a paper airplane fly farther. However, adding weight in exactly the right places can make it fly farther, by improving its balance and stability.

What kind of paper airplane will fly the farthest line paper or construction paper?

construction paper, lined paper is too light so if you launch it too hard it will not do as well as construction paper launched hard.

What type of paper airplane desighn flies the farthest?

if it weighs less it will fly farther

Can a design on a paper airplane make it fly farther?

yes, by making its design and structure more aerodynamic will make it fly farther.

In order which paper will decompose faster notebook magazine construction paper computer paper or newspaper in 15 days in manure?

i just did the experiment and it is computer paper

What Paper Airplane flies farthest?

A lined paper airplane flies the farthest. It flies the farthest because it weighs less than any other type of paper. For example, it weighs less than an airplane made of construction paper and it weighs less than an airplane made of copy paper.

What is notebook paper?

Notebook paper is paper that you can write notes on and maybe in a book with other pieces of notebook paper

Does paper or construction paper burn faster?

That depends on such factors as available air and heat. Construction paper is more dense than notebook paper, so it would take more heat to initially catch on fire.

What kind of paper airplane flies good?

Construction paper will probaly fly best because it's thinker

How many floor tiles could a construction paper airplane go?

it depends on how you throw it

Does a lighter paper airplane go further than a heavier paper airplane?

well not really it up to you power in your trow it you trow it light the lighter paper airplane will will but if you trow hard enough the heaver one will go farther because it has more build in

Can the design of a homemade paper airplane make it fly farther?

Yes, it can. Weight, number of folds, and wingspan are all factors in making a paper airplane fly farther. A long-distance paper airplane (glider) should have large wings, a small fuselage, and evenly distributed (but also light) weight. It should be held and thrown from the center of gravity.