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Several small battles were fought in Maine. A naval battle on the Penobscot River near Bangor resulted in a humiliating defeat for the Americans. No large battles were fought in Maine but some of the ports were occupied or burned by the British.

Maine was part of Massachusetts during the Revolution, and Maine soldiers served in the Massachusetts regiments that were deeply involved in the war.

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What state was part of Massachusetts until after the revolution?

Maine was part of Massachusetts long after the Revolutionary War. Maine started out as it's own colony, but became part of Massachusetts before the Revolutionary War. Maine became a state in 1820.

What part did Boston Massachusetts play in the Revolutionary War?

it played....... STUFF

What part did freedom of religion play in the revolutionary war?

mostly everything..

Did Michigan play a role in the Revolutionary War?

michigan did play a role in the revolutionary war:)

How was Maine part of the Civil War?

Maine was part of the Union States

What part did John Adams have on the Revolutionary War?

What was John Adams role in the Revolutionary War?

What part did Jefferson play in the new country after the revolutionary war?

Thomas Jefferson played an important role in the new country after the revolutionary war. He helped draft legislation and became president.

What interesting thing historical happend in the state of Maine located in the United States of America?

Maine was occupied by the British in both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

What role did the Americans play in the Revolutionary War?

In the Revolutionary War, The Americans fought against the British.

Was California part of the Revolutionary War?


Was Arkansas part of the Revolutionary War?


What were conflicts that caused the Revolutionary War?

freedom and political and ecomomic conflicts had a BIG play in the revolutionary war.

Was the Revolutionary War the same as the battle of Saratoga?

The Battle of Saratoga was part of the Revolutionary War. It was considered the turning point of the war.

French and indian war was part of the revolutionary war True or false?

False. The French and Indian War was part of the Seven Years' War, not the American Revolutionary War. It was fought from 1754 to 1763.

What role did the battle of Yorktown play in the revolutionary war?

They ended the war

Was the Revolutionary War a part of the civil war?

no. the revolutionary war took place in 1770's and the civil war took place in the 1860's.

What are some questions on the Revolutionary War?

Questions on the Revolutionary War include where the first battle and the last major battle took place in the Revolutionary War. What phrase describes the war and what role did George Washington and Thomas Jefferson play are questions to ask on the Revolutionary War.

What was Germany's part in the Revolutionary War?

they helped the British.

When was Washington a part of America?

he was president after the revolutionary war

How are you part of this revolution?

yes. They were the first Revolutionary War.

What role did California play in the revolutionary?

California wasn't a state until 1850 and the western movement didn't begin until after the Revolutionary War so it didn't have a part in the war. The war was between the 13 colonies and Britain. The rest of America wasn't settled.

What role did diplomacy play in the revolutionary war?

The French helped the Americans Colonies in the Revolutionary War. They gave them material and soldiers to fight.

What part did Lafayette play in the war?

What part did Lafayette play in the war

Was the war of saratoga part of the Revolutionary War?

Yes it was called The Battle of Saratoga

What part did the Spaniards play in the Revolutionary War?

Spain was nominally an American ally but did not play a major role in the war. Spain traded with America through their island possessions in the Caribbean and ports in Florida and the Gulf Coast.

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