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Q: What part did the Catholic Church play in the Spanish conquest of the New World?
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What Was the religious institution brought by the Spanish and influential in the New World?

the Catholic Church

Is the Catholic Church the biggest church in the world?

Yes, the Catholic Church is the biggest church in the world with over 1.3 billion members.

How was the development of Spanish colonies in the New World organized?

Cities sold to leaders of the Catholic church in spain.

Which Catholic Church is the biggest?

The Latin Rite Roman Catholic Church is by far the largest Catholic Church in the world.

How is the catholic hurch manifested to the world-?

The catholic church manifest to the world by people. This is a type of church.

What is the world's wealthiest church?

The Roman Catholic Church

What is the largest Christian church in Europe?

The Catholic Church. This is the same in the whole world. The catholic church is also one of the oldest churches in the world

Where is the biggest Catholic Church in the world located?

St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City is the largest Church building in the world, Catholic or non-Catholic.

How important is the pope in the Catholic world?

The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church

What is the world headquartars for the Catholic church?


What did the Spanish conquest of the new world result in?

The biggest "result" of Spanish Conquest in the America's was the formation, for the first time, of "International Law." The Spanish Conquest was found to violate international law, and the first formations of these laws was discussed by the "School of Salamanca."

What were the roles of the Europe Catholic Church?

There is no "Europe Catholic Church", there is the world-wide Catholic Church in Europe and everywhere else in the world, and its role is the same everywhere, to bring Christ to people and people to Christ and salvation.

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