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The Luftwaffe was very near to defeating RAF Fighter Command in 1940. Then they switched from bombing the fighter airfields to attacking cities, particulaly London. This was known as the Blitz. The main German force was then needed to support Hitlers' attack on Russia in the summer of 1941. The development of long range heavy bombers, most particularly the Avro Lancaster, supported by the de Haviland Mosquito in the Pathfinder role, enabled the RAF to take the fight to the German centres of Population & Industrial strength. With the aid of the USAAF, bombing in daylight, the British bombed at night, Germany sufferd 'round the clock' bombing. By the time of D Day, June 1944, the Allied forces had air superority allowing defence of ground forces by use of ground attack aircraft.

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They were enormously important they were responsible for the defeat of the Luftwaffe the German air force their los of air superiority meant the beginning of the end for Germany.

The Royal Air Force is England's Air Force. It is part of the Royal military just like the Royal Navy.

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I hope you meant the RAF. There is no RIF. The Royal Air Force exists today. During World War 2 they were known as the RAAF, Royal Army Air Force.AnswerThe original answer is incorrect, as there has never been a 'Royal Army Air Force'. The letters, 'RAAF', represents the Royal Australian Air Force!The Royal Air Force was formed in 1918, by amalgamating the Royal Flying Corps (essentially part of the British Army), and the Royal Naval Air Service (part of the Royal Navy). This is one of the reasons that the RAF rank insignia is based on that of the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy still retains an independent air wing, called the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). And, yes, the RAF does exist today.

Russia's army would prepare to defeat Germany. <-------NovaNET answer!!

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No. The Australian Air Force was only formed on 31 March 1921.Approval to use the 'Royal' prefix was granted on 13 August 1921.There were some Australian Flying Corps (AFC) squadrons which joined the British during World War I, but they were not yet designated the title of Royal Australian Air Force.

The Royal Marines are a part of the Navy. They're the "go anywhere" amphibious infantry. They are also part of Britain's Rapid Reaction Force and considered by many to be among the top combat infantry soldiers in the world.

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