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What part is the temporary storage of sperm cells?

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Vacuoles provide temporary storage food in a cell.

Sperm cells are animal cells.

No, a plant does not even produce sperm and egg cells.

The part of a flower that holds 2 sperm cells is the stamen. The stamen is the male productive organ of the flower and is where pollen is produced.

The pollen grains produced in the anther of the flower contain the sperm cells.

what sticky pollen receptive part of the pitil

Neither one. Sperm cells make up the man's part when a baby is started inside a woman. The woman's egg cells (ova) make up the woman's part when a baby is started. Sperm cells come out of a boy or man's penis in a somewhat creamy liquid called, "Semen". The semen gives the sperm cells something to swim in, and also temporarily alters the woman's birth canal so that it won't chemically harm the sperm cells.

The male part of a flower (the stamen) produces pollen, which are the sperm cells.

The waste food which is almost solid is stored in the last part of the large interstine called the rectum.

Males are constantly reproducing sperm. This is done in a part of the penis called the testes. Men have perhaps billions of sperm cells inside the testes.

First of all, spermatazoa (sperm cells) are very tiny body cells that can create a pregnancy in a woman. You are talking about 'Semen' which is a clear to whitish fluid that sperm cells swim around in. You do not produce semen or sperm cells before puberty. If you have a little clear semen coming out, then it most likely means that you are in the part of life called, "Puberty".

hematopoietic stem cells in long bones.

this sac is found outside the body to kepp the sperm cell in a cooler temperature the testes produce billion of

Sperm are produced in the male testicle (testis). Sperm cells are only the smallest part of the fluid that is ejaculated. The fluids from various glands (seminal vesicles, prostate, and Cowper's gland) are added to the sperm as the sperm are ejaculated.

RAM - standing for Random Access Memory. The contents of RAM are lost when the computer is turned off.

The urethra carries sperm and urine out of the body. Seminal vesicles carry sperm from the testicles to another part and then down the urethra and out the body.

Sperm cells are microscopic and cannot be seen with the naked eye. If you are asking about semen, which is a fluid mixture containing sperm, the color is usually a mixture of white and clear. The clear part is where the sperm cells are located. If a man has had a vasectomy, he will ejaculate semen that is almost all white, with no clear parts.

To carry the male genetic material to the ova (egg) of the female as part of the reproductive process.

They play an important role, and are part of the process.the role of a cone in the reproduction of gymnosperms is to produce egg cells and sperm cells

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