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Q: What part of Atlanta GA does Lucas Till live in?
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What part of LA does Lucas Till live?

los Vegas

What part of atlanta does candi live?

Northwest Atlanta

What part of Louisiana does Lucas Cruikshank live in?

Lucas Cruikshank doesn't live in Louisiana he lives in Colubus Nebraska!

What part of Atlanta does Mattybraps live in?


What part of Atlanta does neffe live in?


What part of Georgia do Tyler Perry live in?


Where does tiny cuttle live and what part?

atlanta, ga

What part of Atlanta GA does Usher live in?


What part of atlanta do Lourdes Rodriguez live?


What part of atlanta Georgia does matty b live?

He lives in Woodstock Atlanta ga

What part of Atlanta does Nene Leakes live?

Nene Leakes lives in Alpharetta, a suburb of Atlanta.

What part of America does mattybraps live in?

He lives in Atlanta,GA!

What part of atlanta do jazze pha live in?

Peachtree Buckhead!

What part of Georgia does Antonia carter live?

Atlanta, Ga

What part of Atlanta did Whitney Houston live?

sandy springs

What part of atlanta does gary and patricia houston live?


What part of atlanta does justin beiber live in?

*bieber And he no longer lives in Atlanta He lives in Calabasas, LA

What area of Atlanta GA does Justin Bieber live?

the northern part

What part of Atlanta Georgia does TI live in?

Joneboro,ga lost valley

What part of Atlanta does Bryan Breeding Live?

Last I heard it was Woodstock, Georgia

What part of New Mexico does Justin Bieber live in?

He doesnt live in New Mexico he lives in Atlanta.

Which part of Atlanta does Justin Beiber live in?

Justin Bieber lives in Stradford, Ontario.

Who is lucas in pll?

Lucas is part of the A team and a boy on pll

What part of America is Atlanta?

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia.

What part of atlanta does cherish singins group live in?

One Cherish Singer Lives in Stockbridge, Georgia.