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A non-flowering plant produces seeds the same way that a flowering plant does (i.e. with the reproductive organs on the stigma and the stamen.) The only difference is that the seeds do not develop in a fruit. Instead, they develop in a cone or a fleshy structure.

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What are Flowers?

Flowers are part of a plant that produce fruits and seeds.

What part of the plant grows into seedlings?

Seeds produce seedlings.

What is the job of the flower?

to produce seeds and to hold the repulsive part of the plant

Is spinach a seed?

Spinach grows from seeds. The part of the plant you eat is the leaves. When the plant flowers the flowers produce seeds to plant and start new plants.

What are two plant parts that produce seeds?

well one plant part will be the pistil and the another one is ovary

What part of a plant makes the seeds?

part of a plant makes the seeds.

What plant part makes the fruit?

the overies produce the seeds then releases them and starts to form a new plant, after releasing, gradually the plant will develop the fruit

What is the part of the plant that contains the seeds?

The part of the plant that contains the seeds is the fruit.

Does broccoli have seeds?

Actually yes, broccoli does produce seeds. The part we eat on the top of broccoli is the flower. If left on the plant without picking it, the small green buds develop into small yellow flowers that produce seeds.

Are carrots seedless seed both?

Carrots are root vegetables and roots are not the part of the plant that produces seeds.The carrot plant is a flowering plant and the flowers once fertilized with carrot pollen produce carrot seeds.

What is the purpose of a fruit?

Fruit contains the seeds that will produce new plants. Its purpose is to protect the seeds for reproduction. Fruit is the fleshy part, or ovary, of the plant.

Does the pitcher plant produce spore or seeds?

It's Seed Producing Because It's Part Of The Nepenthes Family.

What part of a tomato plant produce seeds and fruit?

The tomato fruit which is produced when the ovary of a fertilized tomato flower grows.

What part of plant is cucumber?

cucumber is the fruit part of the plant developed from the seeds

How do flowers produce seeds?

Flowers produce seeds through pollination. Pollen comes from the male part of a flower, and finds it way to the female part of a flower and seeds are made.

What do the male and female parts of a flower produce?

The male part of a flower produce pollen grains and the female part produce seeds after fertilization of egg in the ovule.

What part of the plant makes seeds that grow new plants?

The part that makes new plants is the flower but it is the ovary that makes seeds for the plant . These seeds are called ovules .

What part of the plant is wheat?

Wheat is the seeds of the wheat plant.

Where do seeds develop in a plant?

The Ovules in the female part of the plant.

What vegetables have seeds?

no vegetables have seeds. By definition the part of a plant bearing seeds is the fruit.

What part of a plant do seeds form on?

Seeds form on flowers, in the ovules.

Where are the seeds on a beetroot?

In the beetroot plant seeds are in the fruit which is aerial part.

Which part of a plant do seeds develop?

the pistil

Part of a plant containing seeds?


What part of the plant are seeds made?


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