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I think it is Cotabato and Zamboanga del Sur. These two province are the major producers of rubber in the Philippines so it must be that these two provinces have the most number of rubber trees.

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Is rubber made of trees?

Latex rubber is made from the sap of rubber trees. Most of the rubber used today, though, is a petrochemical derivative.

Where do you get rubber from?

From trees. Most 'rubber' today is synthetic, a product of the petro-chemical industry.

Do pigs make rubber?

Most rubber comes from the sap of hevea trees. The trees originated in Brazil, but are now also grown in Southeast Asia.

What kinds of trees are found in the Philippines?

1.papaya tree 2. banana tree 3. traveler's palm These are the most seen commonly available trees in Philippines.

Where do rubber trees grow?

Rubber Trees grow mostly in Brazil. But they can also grow in other places. the first place that the rubber tree was grown outside of Brazil was in the botanical gardens in England.Indonesia and Thailand, but they originated in Brazil, hence the name Para rubber. Joseph Priestley noticed that it would erase - rub out - pencil marks - hence the name rubber.The rubber trees are most likely found in Thailand.

Do conifers grow in the Philippines?

Conifers do grow in the Philippines. Conifers are trees that can grow in most areas such as mountain areas, tropical and in lower elevations.

What country has the most pine trees?

That would be Canada. Canada has the most number of pine trees in the world... and the most pine trees per capita as well.

What trees are native to the Philippines?

There are 3,800 species of trees in the Philippines, the most famous of which is the narra tree. The narra is the national tree. Its wood is one of the world's hardest woods. It is also a source of medicine and dye. Other trees native to the Philippines are the almon, apitong, guijo, kamagong, red and white lauan, tindalo, yakal and the Philippine mahogany or molave tree.

Where in the Philippines would pine trees likely grow?

There are pine trees adapted to most ecotypes. Bare rock and brackish water might be limiting environments.

What country produces most number of coconuts in the world?


What is basic difference between natural rubber and plastic?

Natural rubber is a naturally derived latex from rubber trees, while most plastics are artificial. Polyisoprene is the synthetic version with the main difference being that polyisoprene is purer and lacks the various proteins, salts, ect. found in natural rubber. Natural rubber is a plastic but being naturally derived separates it from most.

Why do you use both natural and synthetic rubber?

Natural rubber is made from latex which is taken from trees and is widely used in many products to this day. Synthetic rubber is preferable in most applications today due to the fact that it is more durable than natural rubber and the chances of allergic reactions are smaller.

How does Rubber disperse their seeds?

Rubber trees disperse their seeds in possibly the most interesting way: explosive force. These seeds are shot away from the plant, often landing upwards of 10 yards away!

What are the List of countries with the most number of major beauty pageant won?


What are the vine looking plants on trees called?

There are a number of plant species that are capable of growing on trees; the most interesting are the orchids.

What us city has the greatest number of trees?

According to a survey of 20 cities, Houston, Texas, has the most trees, with 956,700.

Name the that country has the most number of Christians in Asia?

Probably either India or the Philippines.

Why are a number of african countries planting thousands of trees?

because most african countries have cut down trees. now they are planting them.

How many mountains are in the Philippines?

The number may be unknown. The Philippines has over 7000 mountainous islands so the number of mountains can only be guessed at. The most prominent and well known of these are listed on the link below.

What number is the Philippines in the most powerful countries?

top 31 The 1st is US then china then russia

What are the trees in kerala?

Kerala is a green state with a wide variety of plants and trees adorning most of the areas. Coconut trees, Banana Plants, Rubber Plants, Jack Fruit Tree, Tamarind, Tapioca, Paddy Fields etc are common sight along the Kerala roads.

What are the most common religions in the Philippines?

Islam is the most known religion in Philippines.

What is the Statistic of broken family in the Philippines?

There are several values presented as the number of broken families in the Philippines. However, most sources agree it is between five and fifteen percent.

Where are the most Christmas trees grown?

Christmas trees are grown around the world, they are quite simply evergreen trees that people have decided look pretty. There are farms for growing the trees, but I know a good number of people also get their trees from out in the forrests where the trees gro naturally. Therefore the trees can either grow in the wild forrests, or in various 'farms'.... I would argue that the 'most Christmas trees' are grown in the wild.

What province in the Philippines has the most number of active volcano?

The province Cagayan in which 5 active volcanos are active