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Generally lower back

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Q: What part of the back hurt when you are pregnant?
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Does your lower back hurt when you are pregnant?

Very often lower back pain is a part of pregnancy. But if you just have lower back pain, it doesn't necessarily mean you are pregnant.

Do your top part of your stomatch hurt when your pregnant?


Does your back hurt when you get pregnant?

Your back can hurt when you becaome pregnant, the further along you get in pregnancy the more your back curves to accomodate your larger belly, once you deliver your baby everything eventually returns to where it was once before, so it may get worse before it gets better, but it does get better. I expereinced this with my pregnancy.

When pregnant does the outer part of your breast hurt?

Yes. Breast tenderness is a common feeling in pregnancy.

Does it hurt if you're 14 and pregnant?

it can hurt to be pregnant at any age

Which part of the body would you have hurt if you sprained the muscle at the back of your lower leg?

Lower back

Is it okay to wear flip flops while pregnant?

Yes...but afterwards your back may it would be better NOT to

As a girl when your back hurt it can mean you are pregnant?

When a girl is pregnant, it is common for them to experience back pain due to the added weight on the front of their body, however back pain can be caused by a variety of other reasons. Please consult a physician to determine the cause of your back pain.

You had mucus light pink spotting no period you have cramps low back and your hips hurt could you be pregnant?

Yes - take a test

Why does parent's back tend to hurt a lot?

Parents back usually hurt from a lot of different things. It could be from putting up the children so much, lifting things all the time or it could be because you are pregnant and about to be a parent.

How would you know if your pregnant?

you would have tenderness of ur breast and back starts to hurt and u missed ur period for 1 week srry to say ur pregnant

Why does your lower back hurt when pregnant?

You are constantly carrying the baby in your abdomen. So you tilt backward to make the balance. So the vertebral column is bent backward and placed in abnormal position continuously. So your back hurts when pregnant.

If you don't know that you are pregnant will sex hurt right away?

Sex doesn't hurt while you are pregnant

Does it hurt when a virgin have sexfor the first time?

it may hurt alittle remember you can always back out if you arent comfterable that's what a lot of people do when they get afraid of becoming pregnant so always use condums and,back out if youre scared or frightened!!!!!!!!!

Does your shoulders hurt if your pregnant?

It's not a common complaint, but basicly, everything can hurt. But if your shoulders hurt, I wouldn't automatically assume that your pregnant.

If your lower back hurts your breasts hurt a little and your thighs hurt. Could this mean that you're pregnant?

Go to Wal-Greens and buy a pregnancy kit. Otherwise see a doctor.

You are pregnant Could taking a PAP smear hurt the baby?

Pap smears do not harm a pregnancy. They are a normal part of prenatal care.

Does your back hurt when you are four weeks pregnant?

4 wks sounds a lil early to already start getting symptoms of pregnancy

Will it hurt you not to put your nuva ring back in?

Not unless you want to get pregnant! It must be inside and releasing hormones or you are not protected against pregnancy.

When you are pregnant Can it hurt your baby if the dentist has to pull teeth?

No it doesnt hurt the baby in anyway when you pull out a tooth from a pregnant lady.

Does it hurt to pee if your pregnant?


Where can you hurt at when your pregnant?


Why does my back hurt when am standing straight and looking down?

Because, your spine is a part of your back and is also a part of your neck. When u strain your back to be straight and strain your neck to bend down-ward, you are straining your spine, which will cause discomfort.

Why do your nipples hurt if your not pregnant?

They hurt when you are ovulating and let you know that your period is about to start.

You are nine weeks pregnant and you fell today could you have hurt the baby?

I am pregnant i am nine weeks and i fell form tow storie . Could my be hurt.