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When Washington became the first President of the United States, there were no elections for that office like we have today. The Electoral College chose Washington president. He is the only person to be unanimously elected by the Electoral College for the office of President. MrV

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Q: What part of the country did George Washington carry in the election of 1789?
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What state did George McGovern carry in the presidetial election?

South Dakota

How did George Washington create a government?

How did Washington carry out his goal of creating a respected government

Did George Washington carry a gun or rifle?

i think a rifle:)

It is believed that George Bush won the election to carry on with whose policies?

Ronald Reagan

Why do you need to remember George Washington?

George Washington played an important role in shaping the United States. It is our role in society to carry on his legacy as an American.

Who is the famous figure on the quarter?

They're called Washington quarters because they carry a picture of President George Washington

What did George Washington do in the revolution?

During the Revolution, George Washington served as General of the Colonists. He motivated the men to carry forward in their battle to win freedom from Britain.

It is believed the George Bush won the election to carry on with whose policies?

It is believed the George H.W. Bush won the election to continue the policies of Ronald Reagan. His popularity was solidified by his Vice Presidency under Reagan.

What gun did George Washington carry at Valley Forge?

I don't know ask your parents get off the internet

How many battles did George Washington fight in?

Washington didn't fight in any battles as the commander of the army. He gave his officers the battle plans and had them carry out the orders.

What were the battles George Washington fight in?

Washington never picked up a gun and "fought" since he was commander of the entire army. He told his officers the battle plan and had them carry it out.

What US president was the first to carry a gun?

George Washington surely carried some kind of gun from time to time.

Were did George Washington work?

Prior to his military service, George Washington worked as a land surveyor. He was the second son of a wealthy plantation owner, and imagined his brother would carry on the family tradition. However, his brother died, and George became the new heir of his father's plantation and slaves.

Who won the election of 1972?

President Richard Milhous Nixon (R) was reelected in a Landslide in 1972. He got the electoral votes of Every state except Massachusetts and Washington DC (not a state). Senator George McGovern (D) was defeated overwhelmingly. He did not carry his home state of South Dakota.

Can Hillary Clinton carry Arkansas in a general election?

It is very possible that Hillary Clinton can carry a general election the state of Arkansas. It will depend on the voters and her backers.

When citizens elect representatives to run a country it is called?

When citizens elect representatives to run a country it is called direct representation. However, when a few officials carry the election, it is known as indirect representation.

What effect did the election of 1866 have on the republicans ability to carry out their reconstruction plans?

What effect did the election of 1866, have on the republicans ability to carry out Reconstruction plan?In: Elections [Edit categories]

Which US Presidents did not carry their home state in an election?


Is it illegal to carry a gun in Washington d.c?

It is illegal to own or carry a gun without both a gun owners permit and a carry permit. Washington DC has a fairly restrictive process for approving ownership or carry permits.

What is the value of a US 2 dollar silver certificate with no date and George Washington on its face?

Bills from the 1899 series are the only US $2 silver certificates to carry a picture of George Washington. Please see the question "What is the value of an 1899 US 2 dollar silver certificate?" for more information.

What states did Ronald Reagan win in 1984 in the election?

He did not carry minesota

How many states did Roosevelt carry in the election of 1940?

38 out of 48

How was George Washington's first cabinet formed?

George Washington established the first cabinet by nominating four people to give him advice and help him carry out his policies. They were Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, and Edmund Randolph.

How did president Washington carry out his goal of creating a respected government?

Washington led the country fairly and with an even hand. He also restricted his presidency to two terms to keep from becoming a lifetime ruler like a monarch.

Who are the three presidents that have onE the election but did not win the state of california?

Since California was admitted to the Union in 1850, the only presidential election winners who did not carry the state were... 1880 - James A. Garfield 1884 - Grover Cleveland 1912 - Woodrow Wilson 1960 - John F. Kennedy 1976 - Jimmy Carter 2000 - George W. Bush 2004 - George W. Bush