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The visceral pleura (a thin membrane protecting the lungs) is attached directly to them. There is another pleura on the outside of this (attached to the thoracic cavity), it is called the parietal pleura, between them is a serous fluid that acts as a sort of cushion.

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Q: What part of the human body is directly attached to the human lungs?
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The lungs take in oxygen directly from the air.

How many lungs are there in the human body?

There are two lungs in the human body.

The human body has four lungs?

False. The human body has two lungs.

How many lungs in a human body?

A human body only has 2 lungs inside a part of your ribs called a ribcage. That's where your lungs are located in your body.

How many lungs are there?

The human body has two lungs.

How many lungs have the human body have?

2 lungs...

Do pathagens directly affect the human body?

True. They do directly affect the Human Body.

What organs are a pair in the human body?

lungs kidneys AND LUNGS

Where are the human lungs located?

in your body

How many lungs does a normal human body have?

People have 2 lungs.

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The Human Body has two Lungs, Kidneys and many more

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The jaw bone is located in the head region directly below the teeth. It is attached to the side of your head. It is the only human skull bone that moves.

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How many lungs do a human body have?


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lungs in the human body help you breath you breath about 3,000 times a day witch means 10,00 quarts are let into you lungs.

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Yes, the lungs are considered to be involuntary organs of the human body.

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The lungs

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The Lungs.

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