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What part of the leaf is the apex?


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The apex of the leaf is the tip or end farthest from the base or point of aattachment; the growing tip of a branch.

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Apex refers to the top or tip. So apex can refer to many, many things, such as:Apex of the lungsApex of the heartIn plant botony, it refers toa part of the leaf, to be more specific the top or tip of the leafIn electronics, it can refer to a specific brand of product.

The apex of a leaf is the tip. To identify plants, it is important to know the shape of the apex.

there is no particular function for the apex

The tip of a leaf is the APEX.

what is the leaf apex of maize

I found no specific answer for this, but the leaf apex comes in a wide variety so that different species of plants can be distinguished. I have read this at

It is called the tip or the apex.

The tip or apex of a Sassafras leaf is rounded The base of a Sassafras leaf is cuneate Have fun with your leafiness ^^

The term apex means the top or the point. The apex of the lung is the top rounded part.

Your apex is not an organ, but is part of an organ. There is the apex of the heart and the apex of the lungs (apex pulmonis), both organs.

The parts of a leaf include the veins, veinlets, apex, base, midrib, blade, petiole, & margin.

The ovate leaf has a pointed apex while the obovate has a round shape.

A leaf is a part of a tree, flower, or bush. A leaflet is a leaf-like part of a compound leaf. In other words, a leaf is the whole and a leaflet is part of the whole.

The flat green part of a leaf is called

a leaf is part of a stem and leaf plot

A leaf is part of a plant.

The roots Green/upper Part of the leaf.

No - its a part of -

There are eight parts of a gumamela leaf. These parts include the stem, base, lamina, leaf margin, apex, petiole, primary vein, and secondary vein.

draw and label the external part of the leaf

The apex of the heart is the lowest superficial part of the heart. the only thing outside of the apex is the pericardium.

A blade is the expanded part of the leaf

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