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The right side of the brain controls artistic and other creative abilities such as musical skills and spatial ability. The left side controls speech, comprehension, and other logical activities.

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What part of brain controls artistic ability?

The Cerebellum controls your artistic Ability.

What part of brain controls emotion and artistic skills?

the cerabellum

What is the part of the brain that controls common sense?

Common sense would be associated with the pre-frontal lobes.

What part of the brain controls speech?

The frontal and temporal lobes are the main ares of speech and language.The part of the brain that controls speech is your Broca's area. It is located behind your left temple.

What part of the brain controls impulse in humans?

The frontal lobes has been known to play a part in thinking, reasoning, and impulse controls. They assist one in planning, controlling and executing behavior.

What part of the brain controls artistic ability?

the cerebrum AKA the big squishy pink top part of the brain

What part of the brain controls smell?

The Olfactory Bulb, located below the frontal lobes. Olfactory is the scientific word for smell

What part of the brain controls puzzle solving?

The frontal Lobes. It is one of the four major divisions of the cerebral cortex. This part of the brain regulates decision making, problem solving and controls of purposeful behaviour, consciousness and emotion.

What part of speech is artistic?

Artistic is an adjective.

When a stroke affects your vision which part of the brain is involved?

The lobes in the back of the brain called the occipital lobes.

Sections of the brain?

Ok I know that there is a part of the brain that is called the cerebrum and it balances your body. And there is also the frontal lobes and one side is the artistic sde and the other is more hand eye coordination! hope i helped!!

this brain part controls thinking?

The cerebrem controls thinking

What part of the brain is used for memory?

The temporal lobes

What part of the brain is associated with consciousness?

frontal lobes

What part of the human body contains five lobes?

The brain

Pollen is produced by what part of the flower?

Anther lobes of the Stamen

Is a lobe part of the lung?

Yes. You have three lobes on the right lung and two lobes on the left. You consider heart as a 'lobe', which lies on left side. So you have three lobes of lungs on either side.

What are lobes?

a rounded projection, especially a rounded, projecting anatomical part.

Impulses from the cochlea of the ear are transmitted to what part of the brain?

the temporal lobes

Which part of the lung contains the cardiac notch and has two lobes?


What part of the fish's brain receives impulses from the eyes?

optic lobes.

What is part of a brain?

The different sections of a brain are called "lobes" or a "lobe".

This part has carefully machined high spots called lobes?


What part of the brain artistic ability?

the cerebellum.

What part of the eye controls the size of the pupil?

the part of the eye that controls the pupil is the iris