What part of the plant does an strawberry come from?


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the strawberry is a fruit of the plant

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The strawberry-maker enzyme, found in the roots of the plant, builds strawberries after being catalyzed by the digestive fluid of an earthworm

A strawberry comes from a little plant on the ground.

Strawberries grow on strawberry plants.

The strawberry comes from underneath a plant of berries and seeds. It is green when first. Just like the tomatoes!

Yes, the strawberry is a dicotyledonous flowering plant.

there are 56 chromosomes in a strawberry plant.

The strawberry is a flowering plant

a strawberry plant! It grows in the dirt, flowers, then you pick the berries !?! Where else would they come from!?!

strawberry is a bushy plant, so , it is a shrub.

Leaves involve in large scale.Their main purpose is that.

where do strawberry seeds come from

Strawberry plants can only be grown from a cutting.

it comes from one part plant to another

An ovary is the part of the plant an apple comes from.

You can replant a strawberry plant any time during the growing season. Just make sure you pick off all the blooms that appear on the strawberry plant.

A strawberry is a flowering plant and thus an angiosperm.

Strawberry is a plant. Plants have eukaryotic cells

You can grow strawberry plants from the seed. Strawberry seeds can take up to a month to germinate. Strawberry plant are perennial so once established the com back year after year..

It is the flower buds of the plant.

the ginger plant an i like it

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