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What part of the plant does beet come from?


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A beet is a root plant.

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Beet is the bulbous root of the plant.

Beet sugar is produced from the root of the sugar beet plant

The turnip, like the potato, the carrot, the beet and the radish, is a root vegetable. On top, it's a turnip plant. If you dig it up out of the soil, you have your turnip.

A beet is technically a root. So the root of the plant is the beet, and whatever that grows out of it is the actual 'plant' portion.

Here are some sentences.Plant this beet over there.The beet was very sweet.

A beet is a common noun.

Sugar beet, swedes and beetroot are all indeed modified roots.

it comes from one part plant to another

An ovary is the part of the plant an apple comes from.

A fruit contains seeds. A 'beet' is the root of the beet plant, and is therefore a vegetable, not a fruit.

It is the flower buds of the plant.

the ginger plant an i like it

the strawberry is a fruit of the plant

Banana is the fruit of a plant

It is the root of the plant.

It is a plant in it's own right, not part of anything else.

Give your pet rabbit the top part of a beet. The leaves have fibers and nutritious minerals. You can also cut the beet into small bite size cubes. SOME rabbits like the body of the beet not all like it.

Rhubarb is the whole plant. You eat the stalks of the plant.

Oregano is the leaves of the herb plant.

I believe that cabbage is the flower of the plant.

kiwi comes from the bud of the plant

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