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The part of the play that never happens. Friar Lawrence sends a letter to Romeo but Juliet does not.

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In act one of Romeo and Juliet who sends Romeo a letter?

In act one nobody sends him a letter but he read one for a servant of Capulet and found out about the party where rosaline would be

What does Tybalt say in the letter he sends to lord Capulet?

Tybalt doesn't send a letter to Lord Capulet; he sends one to Romeo however.

How has Tybalt sent Romeo a challenge to a duel?

Tybalt sends a letter round to the Montagues' house to challenge Romeo.

Was there a letter to romeo to say that Juliet pretended to be dead?

Yes. Friar Lawrence sends Romeo a letter to tell him of Juliet's 'fake death', but Romeo never gets the letters. :(

How will romeo find out about the plan?

Friar Lawrence sends a letter with one of his fellow friars.

What does Tybalt tells the lord Montague in his letter?

Tybalt doesn't send a letter to Montague; he sends it to Romeo, who of course lives at his father's house. He is challenging Romeo to a fight.

What is in the letter Tybalt sends to Lord Montague?

It tells Romeo about the plans to get Juliet out of marrying Paris.

What was sent to Romeo's house in Act 2?

Tybalt sends Romeo a letter containing a challenge.

What does Juliet send Romeo to show her love?

Juliet sends the nurse. Romeo sends flowers and a token of love.

How does the friar plan to get his communication to romeo in mantua?

He sends a friend and fellow friar, Friar John, with a letter.

Is it true in Romeo and Juliet by William shakespeare that the letters are dramatic images that cause conflicts?

What letters are there in Romeo and Juliet? Tybalt sends a letter to Romeo's house, which Romeo doesn't get because he doesn't go home. Friar Lawrence sends a letter to Romeo via Friar John which doesn't get delivered. Since the letters are not delivered, they cause nothing. If they are dramatic images of anything, they are images of miscommunication.

How does Juliet arrange to meet Romeo?

Juliet sends the nurse to tell Romeo to meet Juliet in the afternoon.

Who sends a message to Romeo?

well if you know romeo you will text him would you but if you are mad at him i wouldn't text him would you

Why is Juliet sending someone to romeo tomorrow scene 2 act?

She sends someone to find out if Romeo means to marry her. Her test she devised at the balcony scene was the next day she would sends someone to see if Romeo would marry her.

How does Juliet communicate with Romeo after the 'balcony' scene?

Juliet sends her Nurse to find out if she is to be married to Romeo.

What does Tybalt send to the Montague house?

He sends a challenge for Romeo to fight him.

How does Juliet get information about the plan to get married?

She sends out the Nurse to meet with Romeo.

What purpose does Juliet send a person to Romeo for?

Juliet sends the nurse to Romeo to find out whether he really wants to marry her or not.

Whom does Juliet send to get word from Romeo?

Juliet sends the Nurse and her servant Peter to Romeo to learn his arrangements for the wedding.

When friar Lawrence finds out that romeo never received his letter what does he do?

He sends another one and looks for an "iron crow" so he can break into Juliet's tomb himself.

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