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the middle part look on map u got from seal rock

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How do you get under the playground on Big Nate island?

To get under the playground you have to use the crackers to bring the dog over to dig the hole. After this you will find the time capsule and Nate will take the credit.

Where were the schoolgirls standing in Big Nate island?

Under the monkey bars on the playground

Where is the treasure on Big Nate Island?

The "treasure" is in the Time Capsule buried somewhere on the island. To find it, you will have to locate missing artifacts and defeat three mini-games. (The Time Capsule is actually buried where the three schoolgirls are on the playground.)

Where do the girls stand on big nate island?

On Big Nate island the three girls stand on the playground to the right of the school .

Where is the treasure in big nate island?

The Treasure is on the ground where the girls that are ignoring you are

Were to get peanut butter crackers in Big Nate island?

You win it at the hangout place in the playground when you play with Nate.

Where is the time capsule hidden on poptropica?

at the playground on big Nate island

Waere is the capsul on big nate?

it is at the playground under the girls feet

Where is the Big Nate treasure hunt?

The treasure on Big Nate Island is in the long-lost Time Capsule. (It is actually in the playground, where some girls are at recess. To get it, fix the school bell and ring it. The girls will leave, and you can use Spitsy the dog to dig up the Time Capsule. (Give him a peanut butter treat and he buries it.)

Where do you find the lost dog in big Nate island?

he is in the playground but first you have to get the peanut butter crackers from Nate after beating him in go to jail

Where was the girls standing on big nate?

under the tree house and ropes in the playground

Where is the time capsule on Big Nate Island?

Recovering the Time Capsule is the object of Big Nate Island. It is actually buried under the Playground...there are some girls at recess standing right on top of it. But it is not easily uncovered. Knowing where it is (under the talking girls at the playground) does not allow you to dig it up. You still have to find the clapper, fix the bell, and locate the map to the capsule. (see the related question)

How do you get the lost dog on big nate island?

Spitsy is over by the playground (right of the school) and will not leave there.

How do you get the treasure out in Big Nate Island?

ring bell. girls go away, dog digs crackers. TREASURE!

Were is the time capsel on poptropica?

It is at Big Nate. You have to get the school bell to ring. Once it rings the 3 girls will move. It is under them. You have to get the treasure map though. It is at an island with seals. You have to beat Nate at the ski jets. You push both seals to the left side. Then go back to the playground. (Where the 3 girls were.) Use the crackers from earlier and the dog will dig it up.

Where is the school on Big Nate Island?

The school is to the right of Main Street on Big Nate Island. The four main areas are Main Street, the school, the playground, and the lighthouse (Puffin Point).

Where is the peanut butter craker on Big Nate Island?

The peanut butter cracker on big Nate island is given to you by Nate.He gives it to you after you beat his game of hangman in the tree house or playground.

Where is the playground on Big Nate Island?

It is to the right of the school. (There is a big space to cross by clicking "go right".) Big Nate Island (left to right) : Blimp landing / Business District / School / Playground / Lighthouse / Seal Rocks (last by jet ski only)

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