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Your veins. Do not try to pierce your own tongue. This is a very dangerous percing and cannot be done on everyone. My sister went to get her tongue professionally done and she was informed that she could not have it done because of the location of veins in her mouth. Only a professional body piercer would be able to tell you this personalized infromation. Also, there is a high risk of infection, and these can be extremely dangerous. Trust me, my friend did hers, no, dont do it yourself, she was put in the hospital. get it done profecinally -sp?- A friend of mine wanted to get her tongue pierced but the piercer said she didn't recommend it on her. Her tongue web was too close to the tip, meaning her piercing would've to be done very near the tip, and this would give her a lisp. ___________- I would like to add that while you cannot bleed to death you can damage veins and nerves to the point where your tongue will go numb. I would estimate that 90% of people would have no trouble with having it done (professionally), but you may be one of that 10% and need to see a professional in order to know. Also, the glands in your tongue and mouth are very sensitive and necessary, when you attempt these things on your own you risk damaging them (even just a pin prick) and causing your body permanent damage, shock is also a factor because of the pain of the procedure.

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Q: What part of the tongue can you not hit when piercing your own tongue?
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How do you pierce your tongue with only a barbell?

YOU DON'T. How in the heck would you shove such a blunt and wide bar through your tongue? Piercing your own tongue is a horrible idea. You could hit an artery and bleed to death. Go to a professional

Can you get parizalized by piercing your own tongue?

no you can't it's not known for it but if they hit a nerve maybe, as long as you have got a proffesional piercer you will be fine and in safe hands NEVER try it on your own

How can you pierce your own tongue without using a piercing kit?

I Recommend You Do NOT Even Think About Piercing This Your Self, This Piercing Especially Should Be Done By Professional ONLY. The Tongue Is A Very Important Muscle In Your Body, There Are 2 Main Vains Below Your Tongue, If Either Of These Are Hit This Will Cause You To Bleed Heavily And Possibly Become Paralised So Think Twice Before You Think Of Doing This.

Can your tongue rip and scab up after getting it pierced?

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body, the piercing is done between the two muscle complexes that make up the tongue. The piercing is at agauge thick enough that it will resist tearing. As for scabbing up, the tongue doesn't scab like external tissue, it has it's own method of healing but it will discharge like any other piercing leaving a film on the tongue as it does so.

What is the legal age for a tongue piercing?

In the UK, you can be 14 with parental concent but after that you can be 16 and get it pierced if you have your own ID

Can you change your own tongue piercing after 2 weeks?

Yes u can I did mines n its just fine

Is a green discharge normal with a tongue piercing?

it is totally normal when you have a tongue piercing to get a kind of discharge, it's the body's way of healing itself. This normally appears for 1-2 weeks. If it carries on see your doctor, but it should heal on its own.

How do you pierce your own tongue?

You don't. Tongue piercings are extremely dangerous to do on your own. You dont even know if your tongue is suitable for a tongue piercing. A piercer has to look at the veins in your tongue and also at its size and how a piercing would come in contact with your teeth. If you pierce the wrong place, you could cause sever bleeding and have to go to the hospital. Could you imagine having your tongue get infected? People have had bits of their tongues removed due to complications from infection. Seriously, don't do it yourself and go to a professional :)A phone book and a telephone. Look up Body Piercing in the phone book and call a Professional Body Piercer, book an appointment for the piercing. Look it's simple, if you screw up trying to pierce your own tongue you run a really good chance of ending up in the hospital with uncontrolled bleeding of the tongue or in the morgue because you choked to death in your sleep. This isn't a joke, see a professional piercer.

How do you pirece your own tongue?

Don't! Do it professionally. If you do it yourself, you may hit a vein and lose all sensation in your tongue.

How can you numb your tongue before piercing it?

Don't try piercing it yourself. Get a professional to pierce it for you. I've added a picture for you to look at, sorry it's blurry, it's basically a woman who tried to pierce her own tongue. Don't wan't to EPIC fail? Get it done proffesionally!

If you pierce your own tongue you want to know where is the piercing go?

Don't pierce your own tongue. You can impede your speech permanently if you do so. Go see a professional and they will gladly do it. It takes less time, and in general is an easier way about things.

How do you safely pierce your tongue?

Go to a professional. Unless you are a trained professional piercer, there is no way to safely pierce your own tongue. You put yourself at risk for irritation and infection, and if you are not careful, Hepatitis. You have a major artery running through your tongue, and if you pierce that, you will have some problems on your hands. Only a professional piercer knows the correct placement of the piercing in order to not hit that artery.

What are the chances of dying from piercing your own tongue?

Chances of DYING?? Pretty slim, chances of going to the hospital with a mouthful of seemingly unending blood.....Pretty darn GOOD....Kids , this is the reason for professionals to do this sort of thing...Beyond infections and crooked piercings and such, the tongue has places that do NOT need to be hit by a piercing needle......And, should an infection set in how suave and debonair will you be mumbling around the stump of your diseased tongue????? Hope this helps.

Has anybody died from piercing their own tongue?

Honestly, I haven't heard of any cases like that but there could be something out there. But even if no one has died, it doesnt make it any less dangerous. Piercing the tongue is tricky because there are some pretty large veins in that area. There have been quite a few cases of people getting tongue piercings by someone with little experience and losing significant amounts of blood- to the point that they need transfusions. Also, piercing yourself significantly raises the risk of infection. If your piercing does get infected and you dont treat it in time, the infection could spread and end up in your bloodstream- thats called sepsis. Sepsis is incredibly dangerous and can be deadly. Bottom line- piercing yourself is not safe, especially not with a tongue piercing.

Can you play sport with a lip piercing?

Sure! But at your own risk; if you get hit in the mouth, it will hurt extra.

Is it normal for some one to swallow weird after a tongue piercing?

Naah, Your probably gonna die.. awk << WRONG!! << You swallow weird after a tongue piercing because it is swollen... I know because I have one of my own... it should take up to a month to heal if you don't move your tongue... Mine took a week for the swelling to go down but if it is swollen after a month then you weren't moving your tongue... If it helps you put crushed ice one your tongue and you will be okay...

Can you get your tongue pierced if you are tongue-tied?

Yes, it is possible. As long as you have about 1cm of space between the tip of your tongue and your tongue frenulum, you can get this part of your tongue pierced. You may also get your tongue pierced off-center, either to the left hand or right hand side of your tongue, if you are too tongue tied to have a central tongue piercing. If neither of these is possible, and you still wish to have an oral piercing, then a tongue frenulum piercing or a "smiley" piercing are optional._________________________It should also be noted that an oral surgeon can perform a lingual frenectomy which will allow you more room. It may mess with your speech for a few days to a couple weeks but your tongue will be more nimble in the end and may in fact improve your speech. This is not a risky procedure when performed by an oral surgeon but you can damage glands at the base of your tonge and on the floor of your mouth if you attempt it yourself and infection is probable if done on your own. Risk of infection which could lead to death if not dealt with properly, glandular damage, the probability of shock which will cause you to pass out and could lead to other problems, uncontrollable bleeding and other factors are all issues if attempted on your own.It depends on how badly your tongue is tied, you would be best to talk to your local professional body piercer. If there is too much restriction or the web is too developed it would be dangerous to even consider trying to pierce it.

How sore is getting your tongue done compared to your bellybutton?

Well if you have an experienced body piercer doing a *traditional tongue piercing (*center line tongue piercing) there should be no issues and he/she knows what to look for. If you are getting any variation of tongue piercing which goes through the actual muscle structures of the tongue then you are on your own and your piercer has no idea what's under the tissue. The location of veins, arteries as well as nerve roots can vary from person to person. The risk is much higher than standard traditional tongue piercings. So be sure you really want this done and if so be prepared to accept the consequences of your request. A real professional body piercer will not venture into unknown territory without doing a large amount of research before hand. But it still comes down to you doing your research and checking out the piercer before you commit to a piercing.

If you take your own barbell would they Perice your tongue with it?

Most studios won't use your own barbell unless it was used for a previous tongue piercing you had. See we need to know what the barbell is made of , some barbells available from "novelty stores" are generally junk and that's the last thing we want to put into your tongue. Now if the barbell is the right size for your piercing and you can confirm it's good quality, and the piercer is good with that, they will need to autoclave it before it can be used. This involves putting it in the autoclave to sterilize it before it can be considered safe for a new piercing. So your best bet is to call your local body piercing studio's and see what they have to say. So will, some won't, others might.

Should a teen pierce their own tongue or have it done professionally?

Self-Piercing or Go to a Pro?You should wait and get it done by a pro. There are several veins that run underneath your tongue and if you hit one of them, you will bleed alot. Due To The Problems Of Infection, Best To Have A Very Knowledge Proffesional Do This

How long should you wait before changing the jewelry in a new tongue piercing?

At least 6-8 weeks on your own. You can have your piercer do it almost at as little as two weeks.

How to make your own fake tongue piercing?

Take two metal balls and glue one on the top with nail glue and the other one on the bottom hope this helped

What phylum does an adders tongue belong to?

A species such as an adder can be classified by phylum, but an organ such as a tongue does not get its own phylum, it is just part of the adder. Adders are classified as reptiles.

Are all tongue rings straight?

No, they have to go in at an angle otherwise they could hit a major vein and you could loose all feeling and taste in your tongue.The above information is incorrect.Yes all tongue barbells are straight there is no need for a curved or bent barbell in a tongue piercing.Tongue piercings done by a seasoned professional body piercer are done straight.The tongue is two muscle complexes joined by connective tissue that runs down the "frenial line" or center line of the tongue.The tongue has over 10,000 taste buds and the chances of losing the sense of taste is non existent due to a piercing.The two muscle complexes that form the tongue each have there own major arteries and return veins seen on the under side of the tongue, as well as there own nerve bundles feeding the right and left side of the tongue.Be sure to see a professional body piercer for all your piercing needs, the Internet is full of misinformation so surf with care.__________________I believe the question was referring to the jewelry itself, not the actual piercing process. Even if that's not so, some piercings are sometimes done at an angle to avoid the veins or at the piercee's request. The angle isn't usually an obvious one, unless you want a special piercing. Some people get venoms (also called viper bites, vipers, snake bites-depending on your region) and some get horizontal piercings instead of vertical ones.

If you pierced your own tongue what can you do for the pain and swelling?

YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY SHOULDN'T PIERCE YOUR OWN TONGUEThere's something in your tongue, that if you pierce it or sever it, there is a possibility you will bleed to death and die!DIY tongue piercingAnswerWhile it isn't advisable to pierce your own tongue, for swelling, you should suck on ice cubes, or popsicles. Also, try talk as LITTLE as possible. Another thing to do is take Advil (the generic is IBUPROFIN), it is an anti-inflammatory and helps with the swelling. To clean the piercing, use sea salt water. listerine irritates the piercing and it takes longer to heal. gargle with the sea salt water after every meal or smoke for the first week. then gargle twice a day and so on.AnswerIf you are having pain and swelling after piercing your own tongue, you need to contact a professional piercing artist who can check for any infection that may have developed. If one is not available where you live, or if you are very young, please check with a health care professional or visit your local ER. An infection of the tongue or mouth is not something you want to take chances with. It really is better to be safe than sorry, especially where self-piercings are concerned.