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What part of visayas region has a fault line?

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The Carmona Cavite is the part of Visayas region that has a fault line. The Boracay is also part of the Panay Islands.

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What part of Visayan's region has a fault line?

There are inter-related faults throughout the Philippines, including the Visayas area., which makes it one of the most earthquake prone areas in the world.

When was palawan belong to visayas?

Palawan is not part of Visayas. It is part of Luzon, region 4-B, southern tagalog region. im a Palaweno and i cant understand any dialect of the Visayas region. we speak Tagalog here.

Is Boracay Island part of the Visayas Region?

Yes basically, Boracay is part of the Panay Islands which is part of the Western Visayas Group of Islands.

Is Palawan part of Visayas?

palawan is part of visayas

Is bicol located in visayas?

No, the Bicol Region is not part of the Visayas; it is in fact, part of Luzon. It just so happen that Bicol is geographically located near the Visayas. The Bikol language may have similarities to Visayan languages but it is an entirely different language.

Where does Palawan belong Luzon or Visayas Island Group?

Palawan is the fifth largest island of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas Region. Administration-wise, Palawan is under Region IV-B, or the Southern Tagalog region in Luzon. In 2005, when President Arroyo divided the provinces into super regions, Palawan and the rest of the provinces of the Southern Tagalog region and the Bicol region, both in Luzon, were grouped together with the Visayas regions (Western Visayas, Eastern Visayas and Central Visayas) to form Central Philippines.So when we speak of Central Philippines as a super region, which is composed mostly of Visayas regions, Palawan is part of it. But when it comes to regional administration, Palawan is one of the provinces of the Southern Tagalog region, a region in Luzon.

Is Palawan part of Visayas or Mindanao?

Palawan is not part of Visayas or Mindanao but of Luzon.

What part of the Philippines is not visited by the typhoons?

any part of the philippines can be struck by typhoons but statically more typhoons hit luzon region than the visayas and mindanao

What causes an epicentre?

an epicentre is the part of an earthquake directly above the fault line. a fault line is the bit where the two plates rub together.

What is the name of the fault Tennessee sits on?

The New Madrid Fault Line includes part of west Tennessee.

Why resistance is neglected for fault finding?

A fault can be resistive in nature, and the amount of resistance in the fault is unpredictable. It is unusual for a fault to be inductive or capacitive, so a typical method is to determine the impedance to the fault, and compare only the inductive part of this to the inductive part of the line impedance.

What place in Philippines are not yet visited by the Typhon?

Any part of the Philippines can be struck by typhoons but statistically more typhoons hit Luzon region than the Visayas and Mindanao.

What are the main islands in the Visayas?

MAIN VISAYAN ISLANDSThe main islands of the Visayas are:* Samar. Samar is the largest island in the Visayas, and the third largest in the Philippines after Luzon and Mindanao. There are three provinces in Samar Island. These are Samar or Western Samar, Eastern Samar and Northern Samar. * Negros. Negros Island is the second largest island in the Visayas. There are two provinces in Negros Island. These are Negros Oriental, which is part of the Central Visayas region, and Negros Occidental, which is part of Western Visayas. * Panay. Panay, the third largest island in the Visayas, is host to the provinces of Iloilo, Antique, Aklan and Capiz. * Leyte. Leyte, the fourth largest island in the Visayas, is host to the provinces of Leyte or Northern Leyte, and Southern Leyte. * Cebu. Cebu is an island province.* Bohol. Bohol is also an island province.Palawan

What are the release dates for Baywatch - 1989 Livin' on the Fault Line Part 1 5-1?

Baywatch - 1989 Livin' on the Fault Line Part 1 5-1 was released on: USA: 26 September 1994

What are the release dates for Baywatch - 1989 Livin' on the Fault Line Part 2 5-2?

Baywatch - 1989 Livin' on the Fault Line Part 2 5-2 was released on: USA: 3 October 1994

Why did New Zealand have an earthquake?

new zaeland is on a major fault line part of ring of fire

How can a fault be committed in badminton?

if you step over the serving line and if you touch the net with any part of your body

What is the region below that Mason Dixon Line?

it means in the southern part of the united states

Why is there a fault line in Utah?

Because this is the soft part of the earth and if there is an earthquake those lines would break and destroy it.

Why is the probability of an earthquake so high in parkfield?

Because it is right on the fault line, and it is right in the most active part of California.

Is Illinois on a fault line?

Yes, Illinois is part of the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

What is the part of speech for fault?

"Fault" can be a noun or verb.

In a normal fault the part of the fault that lies below the other part is called the?

It's the footwall

Is the inguinal part of the appendicular body region?

No, the inguinal is part of the appendicular region, it is part of the axial region.

In tennis is it a foot fault when a right handed server's right foot crosses the base line during the service motion?

it is a foot fault when any part of each foot touches or crosses the base line before or during the time period when the raquet makes contact with the ball