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Their hands. and lips


Depends on the girl. Some girls like a muscular back, some girls like big biceps, and some girls like a 6 pack.... and a huge winky.

if you have a dildo it will also will go down a treat. down the hole that is!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnswerOddly enough, I agree on the hands thing. Big hands seem sexy lol, biceps, arms, chest..
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Do lions reproduce sexually or asexually?

Lions reproduce sexually,males and females have body parts that have to insert into eachother.

Which part of the body of the women should be touched to arouse her?

the part where the vagina and the lap meets should be gently rubbed to get her aroused

How does a guy sexually arouse his girlfriend without making out?

Stroke her body, all over. Run your hand up her leg, hold her waist, kiss her neck. Physical contact is very important!

How many body parts are in your body?

420 for a women, 421 fora man, do the math ;)

What parts of a man's body do women love?

That would depend on the man and the type of women checking the man out

Is fistula a type of STD?

No, fistula is not a sexually transmissible infection. It describes an abnormal connection between two body parts.

What parts of a female body do boys or men get sexually attracted to and becomes their fantasy in sex?

Breasts, Vaginas, anything really

What are all the body parts of a girl?

Boobs, And, and Vagina. Well that's not all the body parts but that's all men and some women care about.

Can women be born without nipples?

women and men can be born with multiple missing body parts- including the nipples

What are specifically parts of the body that ae acidic?

Your stomach and for women your Fallopian tubes

Does Lady Gaga have man body parts?

No way!! She's all women!

What are the things women like in a mans body?

A nice penis, their chest, six pack, and their hairy body parts

What body parts on a woman is self cleaning?

eyes on men and women i know only that.....

What type of exercises for Men and Women can harden the body and get rid of the soft parts?


Why girls only experience menstruation?

Because only women have the required body parts.

Whats a gee spot?

this is the most sensitive part of the body when the body is stimulated. the gee sport can arouse sexual feelings.

Parts of the body women likes to be touched?

Almost any part if they are in the mood to be touched by that person.

How can HIV enter your body?


If you are a man and if you have no sexually attraction to women at all in any way and are only sexually aroused by the feet and penis of a man are you considered gay?

Yes, if you are only attracted by the same sex... whatever body part that maybe, you are considered to be homosexual.

Why are there different hormones in men and women?

because they need different for different parts of a male and female's body.

Should children see nude art in books?

There nothing sexually or abnormal for children to see nude in book of both males and female. I nothing wrong them to see nude on television or in public as long there no sexually behavior involved. Those women who have a sexually mind about boys see girls or women naked you need to get some help. Some women have a double standard when it come to male and female. It OK for girls or women to see boy. It ok for boys to see women and girl. If women see children naked that mean men can see children naked also.There is a dark secret about women which needs be brought out in the light. Women great enjoyed the naked body of a boy. I know be cause I am a women who has work with women for years and all these stories of naked boys and their penis and testicles. This is why women talk trash about other and accuse others of sexually thing. Yes it a face, women get sexually with boys. The reason why boy do not tell as girls do because of the high level of pleasure they get for it.Mary

Shave public hair?

Women commonly shave the hair off many parts of their body, including legs and arms. Men also shave hair off public and private parts of their body.

Part of a women body that starts with t?

Teeth, thumb and tongue are female body parts. Additional body parts include thigh and throat.

What is the most attractive part in woman body?

The lips and eyes are the most attractive parts for any women.

Which is the most sexual part of women body?

Basically the clitoris is the most 'sexual part' of a women's body in that it is the key to producing an orgasm. Other parts of the body that can provide sexual pleasure are the vagina (obviously) the breasts, as well as the inner thighs and lower back. The part of the body a women most likes to be touched and have attentions paid to during sexual activity varies from women to women.