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your eyes

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What bone is full grown at birth?

Your ear is fully grown when you are born

What bone is fully grown when born?


Was Artemis the Greek goddess born fully grown?

No, however she was born able to walk and immediately helped her mother with the birth of her twin brother Apollo. Athena was the goddess that was born fully grown. She came out of her father, Zeus' head fully grown and clothed.

Where was the goddess of Athena born?

She was born in Zeus's body until he started getting head aches and he got Hephaestus cut open his head with an ax and fully grown and fully dressed in armor Athena popped out

What is Athena's age?

She's immortal and was born fully grown.

What was Athenas education?

She needed no education. She was born fully grown and educated.

What was Aphrodite's childhood like?

She was born fully grown.Aphrodite had no childhood, she emerged fully formed and adult from the sea.

What animal is born fully grown?

the ones that dont grow any more!

How many cell are in your body?

there are about between 50 and100 trillion............ There are 2 trillion cells in a new born baby and about 100 trillion cells in a fully grown adult....

Information on the birth of Athena?

Athena was born out of Zeus's head after Zeus ate her mother, Metis. Athena was born fully clothed in armor and fully grown.

What is Aphrodite's childhood like?

Aphrodite did not have a childhood because she was fully grown when she was born in the Aegean sea

What was Athena's childhood like?

She had no childhood. When she was born from Zeus' head, she emerged fully grown and clothed.

How tall is a baby giraffe when newly born?

it is the same height as a fully grown adult human

Was Aphrodite ever a child?

The goddess Aphrodite was born fully grown out of the sea. So, she was never a child.

Can greek male gods have babies?

Technically yes. Athena was born fully grown from Zeus' head.

Did Helios live when Zeus was born?

Yes, Helios was likely fully grown when Zeus was born. As a Greek god, neither died.

Is there 206 bones in the human body?

There are 206 bones in an adult human body. A baby is born with over 270 bones but as a person grows older some of the bones fuse together until a fully grown human is left with 206.

How many bones does a man has?

Humans are born with an average of 300-350 bones throughout their body, but overtime many of these fuse (join) together, so when we develop into a fully grown adult we have an average of 208.

Does Athena have a story about how she become a goddess?

Athena was born a Greek goddess armored and fully grown from the head of Zeus.

What coulour are the penguins feathers?

The penguins feathers when they are first born are black and grey but when they are fully grown the feathers are black and white

When do kittens get bigger?

Kittens are growing all the time from the moment they are born. They aren't far off being full grown at 6 months old and are fully grown by 1 year.

What did Adam and Eve not have that all other persons born after them have?

Adam and Eve did not have navel because they were not born but created. ANSWER A belly button. They were created fully grown. No navel.

At what week is the fetus fully grown?

In humans, the baby is considered pre-term (not fully grown) if it is born prior to 37 weeks gestational age. Most babies will be a little bigger and healthier though if they continue to grow for another 3 or 4 weeks before delivery.

Do baby turtles get in the figure of a fully grown turtle to go to the water?

Turtles grow up, they are born (hatched) in the shape of a turtle.

Where did Athena live in her childhood?

Athena never was a child, she was born fully grown from the head of her father Zeus. Her home was on Mount Olympus.