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Asthma is usually brought on by allergens in the environment, but respiratory tract infections caused by viruses have also been shown to cause asthma. Microbial infections can also eventually bring on asthma.

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Q: What pathogen causes asthma?
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What is the pathogen causes Asthma?

Bacterial infections, chronic viral infections, or colonization with pathogenic bacteria may cause non-atopic asthma. Asthma is typically caused by allergens but pathogens including virus infections and influenza viruses may also be cause of asthma.

What pathogen causes hpv infection?

HPV is the pathogen that causes HPV.

What pathogen causes HIV and AIDS?

HIV is the pathogen that causes AIDS.

What is the pathogen type that causes tuberculosis?

The pathogen that causes tuberculosis is Mycobacterium.

What pathogen causes atrep thorat?

The pathogen Streptococcus causes Strep throats.

Which type of pathogen causes AIDS?

The pathogen that causes AIDS isthe virusHIV.

What kind of pathogen is caused by Swine Flu?

swine flu is not a pathogen or causes the pathogen it is caused by a pathogen a pathogen is a micro organism that causes diseases such as bacteria or viruses etc and the pathogen of swine flu is virus H1N1 pandemic.

A Type of pathogen that causes AIDS?

The pathogen that causes AIDS is a virus called HIV.

What pathogen causes tetanus?

Clostridium Tetani is the pathogen that causes Tetanus

What does a pathogen do?

A pathogen is a biological organism that causes a disease.

What is causes of asthma?

The causes of asthma are a mixture of genetic and environmental factors.

What type of pathogen causes common cold?

what pathogen causes the common cold: The Acute Corzya

Which type of disease does a pathogen cause infectious or noninfectious?

A pathogen causes infectious disease. For instance, influenza virus is the pathogen that causes flu.

What is the pathogen name that causes Ebola?

The Ebola virus is the actual name of the pathogen that causes Ebola. Yes, it is a virulent pathogen, but that is to the name, just a description.

Is Gonorrhea a pathogen?

Yes. It causes disease which is the definition of a pathogen.

Does gonorrhea have a pathogen?

It does; Neisseria gonorrhea is the pathogen that causes gonorrhea.

What is the difference between pathogen and a pathogen?

They are both the same thing, pathogen is something that causes a disease

Can you tell me what the causes of asthma are?

There are many causes of asthma. The factors range from environmental, such as pollution, to genetic factors. There are even causes linking asthma to tobacco use.

What is the name of the pathogen that causes TB?

The name of the pathogen is Tubercle Bacilli :)

What is the pathogen of smallpox?

The pathogen that causes Small Pox is the Variola virus.

Is Ebola a pathogen?

Anything that causes a disease is called a pathogen. So the Ebola virus fit this description and is a pathogen.

What pathogen causes PID?

Bacteria causes PID.

What is the pathogen for hepatitisb?

Hepatitis B is the virus (pathogen) that causes Hepatitis B.

What are the pathogen that causes breast cancer?

There is no pathogen it is more on undifferentiated or cancerous cells.

What kind of pathogen causes common warts on human skin?

A viral pathogen, called HPV, causes warts of all kinds.

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