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A career as a pediatrician would pay better than a career as a dentist. The average salary of a pediatrician per year is about $154,000 while the average salary of a dentist per year is $145,000.

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Which pays more a pediatrician or a dentist?


What are the pros and cons on becoming a dentist?

Pro: Pays well

Can a dentist become better during his or her career?

Yes. If a dentist likes his job and continually studies to make his or her treatements better, he or she will definatly become better being a dentist.

Why can't we sit up in the dentist chair?

Because everything is done in favor of the dentist. All the patient does is chock and pay the bill. The dentist gets rich in comfort while the patient pays the bill and suffers. If you lie down, it is easier for the dentist to sit there, but an open mouth makes a perfect funnel into the throat so that everything dropped by the dentist, and some things are, goes into the throat. Nearly every advancement made in the dentist business has been for the benefit of the dentist. The patient pays more but gets treated worse.

Is a orthodontist better than a dentist?

in orthodontist is not better than a dentist he just makes more money!

What is better to be a dentist or veterinary doctor?

It depends on what your better at.

What are the daily tasks of a dentist?

pediatric dentist inform children and there parents about how to brush and floss better

Is dentist better than physician?

Neither is 'better'. They are different disciplines.

Should the Dr's office bill the patient for the Provider Discount that the insurance company gets?

If the dentist is part of the insurance company's network, he or she is contracted NOT to balance bill the patient for the discount negotiated as part of the contract. The dentist can charge for the difference between the discounted rate and what the insurer pays. For example, if the usual charge for the procedure is $100 but the discounted amount is $60 and the insurer pays half; then the dentist can charge you $30. But the dentist should NOT be charging you the $30 PLUS the $40 discounted amount. If this happens you should contact your insurance company as the dentist may be in violation of his or her contract.

Can Dentist earn better income then a Cardiologist in India?


What is a good paying job to work at?

Doctor, Dentist Vet Medical pays well, but chemistry is hard to pass in A level

What pays better football or soccer?


How does a emergency dentist differ from a regular dentist?

An emergency dentist is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A regular dentist has regular business hours. An emergency dentist may be better trained to handle immediate oral care.

Do you need to personally meet with your new dentist?

It's always nice to meet with a new dentist and get a first impression. It's better to meet ahead of time so you can decide for yourself whether or not a dentist is trustworthy or not, or if you like the dentist or not.

How do you find a reputable dentist?

Go to the Better Business Bureau website and look for a dentist they recommend. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to find excellent people in various professions.

Who pays better Lowe's or Home Depot?


What job pays 10000 a month?

If you want to earn a lot of money, you should probably be a doctor, a dentist, a veterinarian, a lawyer or an actor/actress.

How much does a dentist make for overtime?

Dentist are usually the business owner or a partner in the business, so they don't get overtime. Rather than being paid by the hour, they receive a portion of the fee the patient pays or a portion of the business profits.

How do you apply fage dental certificate from manipal?

better ask a dentist who has it :)

Which is better for a toothache tramadol hcl 50mg or ibuprofen?

Go to the dentist.

How do you treat a wart between teeth?

You had better consult your dentist on that one.

Which pays better dental assistant or medical radiography?


Who is a better dentist than James' dad?

Mr. Josh Cooper

Where can one find a reputable dentist who specializes in dental implants?

That depends on what area of the country you live in. I would look in your local phone book, and after you find a dentist, you can check out their reviews on the Better Business Bureau. You will need a cosmetic dentist.

Is children's denistry better for children than a regular dentist?

No. I dont think there is a difference. Just go to a dentist who has a good amount of experience and your kid should be fine. Kids should overcome their fear of pain instead of dentist.