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What people are associated with communism?

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Marx and EngelsThose two should come immediately to mind.

Then there's Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong (Tse-Tung), and Castro, to name the most infamous and murderous ones.

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How many people were associated with communism?

16 people were associated with communism.

What colour is associated with communism?


Who is Communism associated with?

Communism is often associated with:Karl MarxJosef StalinMao ZedongFidel CastroChe Guevara

What political movement was Picasso associated with?


Did the massive territorial expansionism associated with Russia come after 1917 with communism?

Yes, the massive territorial expansionism associated with Russia come after 1917 with communism.

Who was associated with communism?

Many people were (and still are)associated with communism. Karl Marx invented the concept, and is seen as the father of communism. Vladimir Lenin was head of the party of revolutionaries that brought the system to Russian government. Trotsky was responsible for his army, the Red Guards. Stalin took over the government (against Lenin's wishes) and his successor was Kruschev.

What is Karl Marx most closely associated with?

Karl Marx is most closely associated with communism.

The name most closely associated with communism is?

karl marx

Why were people attracted to Communism?

* why were the people attracted by Communism? * What are the flaws you can find in Communism? please do answer me =] thanks! * why were the people attracted by Communism? * What are the flaws you can find in Communism? please do answer me =] thanks!

Who is associated with communism?

If you are referring to people here are a few: Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Josef Stalin, Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong.

Karl marx is closely associated with what type of movement?


What was Karl Marx closely associated with?

Marx is closely associated with the political and economic system known as communism. However, Marx's vision of communism bears no resemblance to the communist systems in place in the world today. Marx's view was almost Utopian in nature, whereas communist systems in place now are tyrannical. They oppress the very class of people Marx thought communism would benefit the most.

What forced the people of Jamestown into compulsory communism?

the voluntary communism becomes compulsory communism

Was Karl Marx closely associated with communism?

He created the base for communism known as Marxism. He died before the communist movement kicked off.

Why did Richard Nixon get the nickname tricky dick?

He associated his political rivals with Communism

Do people emigrate to other countries because of communism?

No they don't. People emigrate but not because of communism.

Who where the people involved in communism?


Why was Australia afraid of communism?

Australia afraid of communism because the population of communism is more then Australia people

What system has government ownership of the means of production and is usally associated with totalitarian dictatorship?


What type of government generally associated with communism?

Totalitarian, although they always claim to be democracies.

The phrase the iron curtain is associated with what era of history?

i Believe it would be the Cold War because it was associated with communism which was related to the Cold War.

Why does communism use red?

Since the Paris Commune of 1871 (and possibly since 1848) red has been the colour associated with socialism (not just communism) in Europe.

Why do people think that communism was bad in Russia?

Because many people have a stereotype to think that communism is bad

Who has power in communism?

the people

Which leader is MOST closely associated with the end of communism within the Soviet Union?

Mikhail Gorbachev