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Many religions today and throughout history believe in the existence of more than one god. Religions today that have more than one god are:

  • Hinduism
  • Shinto
  • Buddhism (though Buddhism doesn't actually teach the idea of prayer, and some forms of Buddhism have no god).
  • Some forms of neo-paganism
  • Some forms of Wicca
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Q: What people didn't believe in one god?
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People who believe in more then one god?

People who believe in more then one god are polytheistic.

Do jews only believe in one god?

Jewish people only believe in one god.

Who was allowed in a ziggurat?

Anyone could go on the top of the ziggurat they went their to worship gods back then people didnt believe in one god

People who believ in more than one god are?

People who believe in more than one god are .

Why do Jewish people only believe in one god?

God told The Ten Commandments, which means the Jewish people had to believe in only him. So they could only believe in one god, which is called monotheism <the belief in only one god> polytheism <the belief in more than one god>.

What percent of people believe in any religion or god?

It is believed that 84 to 92 percent of people believe in one religion or God.

Why is relion so important to people?

Some people believe that if they don't follow a certain religion they will be punished in the afterlife for instance some people are catholic they believe in one god and no other god. Where as other people believe there is more than one god when we don't know how many gods there are but people believe for a reason.

What are the people who believe in one God called?


Who taught people to believe in one God?


What are people the believe in only one god?


Do Islam people believe in mor than one god?

No - "There is no god but Allah."

Who were the first people to use the clock?

The egyptians I believe with the sundial as a clock also the first people to believe in one god and that god was the sun.

How many gods are in the world?

That depends on your religious beliefs. Some people believe that there is only one god, some people believe that there are multiple gods, and some people believe that there are no gods at all.

Were Hebrews first to believe in God?

no one knows for certain, but they were the first recorded people to believe in one God above all others.

What god does the Arab people in Egypt believe in?

they believe in 1 god, that god gave them 5 duties (which are alms giving, fasting, prayer, faith (believe in one god), and pilgrimage.

Do Jewish people believe in more than one god?

No, monotheism - the belief in a single God - is a major tenet of Judaism. Yahweh. they only believe in one God

What do Hindu people believe about their god?

According to Hinduism God is one known as Supreme God. They also believe in theory of Incarnation (avatāra).

Who do the Jewish people believe in?

Jewish BeliefsJewish people believe in one God who created everthing.

Are People who believe in a God believe that their God is the one and all or is there more than one God?

trust me there is only 1 God, Jesus Christ. Get a Bible read it, go try out a church

Why people don't believe that there is only one God?

AnswerBecause God had given that freedom.

What is monothiestic?

People who believe in the divinity of ONE GOD, the Creator God, are called monotheistic.

What do you call people that only believe in one god?


Why do people only believe in one god?

they dont........some people believe in many many many Gods....

Will god grant one of your wishes?

Different people believe in different Gods. And many people do not believe God exists. Ask a respected leader or member of your faith if the God you believe in grants wishes. (My guess would be no).

Explain about the existence of god?

To people who believe in god,God exists. He made the universe. How could we be here if someone didnt create us? it sure wasnt the big bang theory! you have to have faith in order to believe in something shuned by so many. the bible says that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Other people say the Big Bang theory was right, and that there is no evidence of god. The existence of god is your opinion, like one person said "God only exists if you believe in him".