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Very little. Bill Gates plans to give his money to charity. While he will no doubt make sure his children get a good education, he wants them to become self-sufficient and make their own money.

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Where can you get down payment assistance for a home loan that requires twenty percent down?

nobody is going to loan you a down payment - contact family members or save the money yourself

Where is the family father going in Old Yeller?

the father went to go get money for the family to survive.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of family businesses?

the advantages of a family business is that you can make lots of money for your family and yourselfdisadvantages of the family business is that you can sometimes not have enough money and due to weather nowadays there's less business going on.

What are disadvantages of neucleur family?

if the parents do not have money,the children are going to have a hard time unless the extended family come in to help.

What is the moral of the Native American story The Legend of the Bear Family?

The moral of the Bear Family is that there was a lad who kept on going and asking for money for his family but he only said that so he could have the money and spend it on himself. Then one day is family really did need money but the bear family thought he was lying so didnt give it.

What is the motivation in the movie blind side?

the dream of having a loving family, a family who has money and is going to have his back through thick and thin.

How are you going to manage your time and money?

One day at a time. The backbone of good family money management is your personal budget. Knowing where your cash flow is coming and going will save you time, money and give you peace of mind.

where can you find help for a family that has no money for christmas?

You can contact toys for tots by going to the firehouse that collects for them.

What percent of 1 is 2 dimes?

I am going to assume you are talking about money.. 2 dimes = .20 $.20 of 1.00 = 20%

Which is right- you and your family is going through or you and your family are going through?

You are going through....Your family is going through.... (American English)Your family are going through.... (British English)You and your family are going through.You use are because the subject (you and your family) is plural. You use is only when the subject is singular. "You and your family is..." is always incorrect.

Where can you take the family for fun?

Any theme parks are fun but if you are trying to save money going camping is a great way to spend time with the family and nature..

What did Michael Jackson do before going to school?

Michael worked for his father, Joe Jackson, and he earned money for his family

What do you have to do to drop out of school?

stop going or there a family emergency and u have to work to get lot of money to pay lot of bills

What might someone hope to get by going on a reality show?

family feud money fame spouse/ married prizes

How much spending money should you bring on a family trip?

It all depends on where you are going. I would say at least 200 per person, plus gas money.

What are the three main causes of stress?

Money Problems: Money is an essential part of our lives. If there are any problems with money, there can be alot of stress going on. Job Problems: Many people don't like their job. Family/Friend Conflicts: In this family, there are arguments, boasting, jealousy, and more.

In The Fisherman and the Jinnee why is the fisherman pleased when he catches the bottle?

because he was going to sell it at the market to make money to support his family

Family Hotels?

The best way to travel on a budget is to stay in a family run hotel. They are usually not in the business for the money, and you often get better service. Purchase your own food and cook in the room to save money that you would spend going out to eat.

Who would get Michael Jackson's money?

40% of his money is going to his children 40% of his money is going to his mother Katherine Jackson 20% of his money is going to his charity work

Would the sentence My family is going to the store include yourself in family?

No you'd have to say my family and I are going to the store.

Why did parents in renaissance Italy carefully arrange marriages?

Because, sometimes it was to keep the bloodline of a certain family going, and sometimes it was to get a certain family more money for their daughter or son. It all depended on what family you're asking about.

Name something a family spends a lot of money on when going on vacation?

Food Hotel Airline Ticket Clothes Souvenirs Gas

Is this going to cost me any money Money that I don't have?

You haven't answered my question. What is your answer? Is this going to cost me any money, and how much?

What is the percentage difference between -25.16 percent and -57.26 percent?

Going from -25.16 percent to -57.26 percent is a 127.5835% decrease.

Does a wife has to work to keep the family going while husband sends money to his family?

no she doesn't if she wants to or probably she has to either way she can and she doesn't have to well i feel like this if that's what she feel she should do, but it couldn't be me!