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98% percent of EVERYONES DNA is shared. you share 98% with your mom, teacher, friend, cousin, it really doesn't matter. but 98% is shared amongst everyone.

The above answer is partially correct but only very generally speaking. We also share close to 98% of our DNA with chimps. The real differences come when scientists examine the additions and deletions common to genetic subsets of humans. For example when additions and deletions found in chimp DNA is accounted for the similarity is really closer to 95%. Some researchers have found that there is greater than 1% difference in subsets of humans, which is potentially huge.

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Q: What percent of DNA does the human race share?
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Similarites of a human and orangutan?

share 96.4% of human DNA

What is the human race's purpose?

Proliferation of DNA

What are the release dates for DNA - 2003 The Human Race 1-3?

DNA - 2003 The Human Race 1-3 was released on: USA: 2003

You share 99.8 percent of your DNA with Ronald Reagan how much of your DNA do you share with bonzo his chimp co-star?


What percent of DNA do humans share with strawberries?


How close are human to primate?

primates share about 95% of our DNA

Are ape and human DNA the same?

Human and ape DNA are remarkably similar. In fact chimpanzees are so closely related to us (around 98-99 percent DNA relatedness) that many scientists are suggesting that the genus Panshould be scrapped and moved to the Homo genus.

What percent of chimpanzees DNA matches your own?

Human beings and chimpanzees have 98% of their DNA in common.

What percent of human and pig Dna is similar?

they are 95% to 90% DNA like us. we are very similar to them.

Should Chimpanzees have Human Rights as they have 95 percent of Human DNA?

No. Although chimps are closely related they are not human.

Do you share DNA with your dad's cousin twice removed?

You share some DNA with everyone to whom you are related. Since you have a common ancestor with your father's cousin twice removed, you are related and share DNA. More broadly, every human being has large amounts of DNA that are shared with every other human being. That is what makes us humans, as distinct from chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas or mice.

What percentage of DNA do humans and reptiles share?

More than 98%, according to Jonathan Marks Department of Anthropology University of California, Berkeley