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As of 2013 Hispanic or Latino people made up 17.1% of the US population. Around 37.6 million people spoke Spanish in the home as of 2011, that is two-thirds of the non-english speaking population in the US.
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Can be translated into Spanish the US anthem?

Although the US National Anthem can be translated literally into Spanish, it would take quite a bit of poetic liberty to make it rhyme and convey the true meaning of the words.

What percent of the world population speaks Spanish?

According to recent research conducted by SpanishSEO.org, the estimated worldwide Spanish Speaking population is 452,480,979 inhabitants representing 6.78 % of the global population. . If there are 6 billion people in the world and approximately 380 million of them are Spanish speakers, then the p ( Full Answer )

What is the percent of Spanish speakers in San Antonio Texas?

Answer . I would say that the percentage would be at least around a 1/4, 25%. That is bolstered by the fact that that area now has a pizza shop that takes pesos instead of dollars.. Also, the show Hogan Knows Best shed a little more light on that, as they had to speak a little more Spanish as th ( Full Answer )

What percent of people speak spanish?

In argentina, more than 95% of the country speaks Spanish (it beingthe native language. Immigrants, which don't constitute a lot ofthe population, are the ones who don't speak Spanish)

What percent of the population in Spain speak spanish?

About 67.6 percent. See the article referenced in reference #16 of wikipedia's article on equatorial g.... About 67.6 percent. See the article referenced in reference #16 of wikipedia's article on equatorial g...

How do you use the present tense in spanish?

Present Tense in Spanish is what you use to conjugate verbs in the present. In Spanish there are: AR verbs, ER verbs, IR verbs. Example) Tocar, Comer, Salir You take off the AR, ER, or IR and add an ending to it.. AR verb endings:. (yo) - o (nosotros) - amos. (tú) - as (vosotros) - ái ( Full Answer )

What is the percent of Spanish speakers in Houston Texas?

The better question is what percentage speak English. Unlike San Antonio, Miami or parts of east LA, English is the language of public life in Houston. There are many bilingual people, but they speak English on the job and with strangers. They may speak Spanish at home, church or with friends, but t ( Full Answer )

Why do you use percents?

Percents are basically decimals, and we use decimals as numbers with extra, tiny proportions. Percents are just ways to make those decimals into a whole, more friendlier number. But, percents can also be made with decimals as well.

How are percents used?

percents are used to dealing with math for example you can always do 45/100% wich reduces to 450%.

How is a percent used?

it is a figure expressed on the basis of parts per 100. For example you may say that only 50% of the people voted, in other words only 50 people out of 100 voted.

What is US in Spanish?

If you mean the word "us", it is "nosotros" if you are a group of males only, or a group of males and females. It is "nosotras" if you are a group of females only. It is pronounced "no-SO-trose" or "no-SO-trahs". If you meant US as in "United States", it is "Estados Unidos". It is pronounced "eh-STA ( Full Answer )

What percent of US population speaks spanish?

11.36% of the United States population speaks Spanish. This is based off of the fact that there are around 34, 547, 077 people who speak Spanish, and that the United States population is around 304, 059, 724.

What did the spanish do in the US?

Span and America share good relations. Spanish immigrants can workfreely in US if they have a legal work permit.

What percent of spanish words are cognates?

It is a rather high percentage, since both English and Spanish have a great amount of words derived from Latin and Greek. Spanish has a large Moorish influence, and English has quite a mixed bag of celtic, German, and Scandanavian influences, so the languages are quite divergent in many ways.

What percent speak Spanish in Brazil?

Probably not too many; the language of Brazil is Portuguese, which is very like Spanish, but different enough that a Brazilian could have trouble with it, just as an English speaker could be challenged by someone speaking Frisian.

How do you use spanish adjectives?

Spanish adjectives agree in number and gender with nouns. Adjectives usually come before nouns. It is possible for some adjectives to follow nouns. Examples: el chico alto -->los chicos altos The tall boy --> The tall boys la chica alta--> las chicas altas The tall girl --> The tall girls El c ( Full Answer )

Can The Spanish Euro be used in Portugal?

The euro is a shared currency used everywhere within the "Eurozone" countries. It doesn't belong to any specific one of them. Euro coins and bills are completely interchangeable no matter where you are or which country issued them. All euro bills are identical, so it's not possible for the casual ( Full Answer )

What letters do they use in Spanish?

Spanish and English use the same alphabet, with the addition of ñ. The official Spanish alphabet has 27 letters.

Do they speak spanish in the US?

Yes, they do. English is their first language and spanish is their secondary language. That's why in American schools they learn spanish as well as study English

How do you use como in spanish?

When using "como" it can be quite confusing. It can be used as "how" or "what". EX: Cómo estas? How are you? Or if you miss what someone has said you can say "como"? like What? Cómo te llamas? What is your name? Depends completely on the context. Without the accent, it means "like" ( Full Answer )

How do you say '' I am from the US'' in spanish?

Soy estadounidense. ( soy = I am ) ( de= from ) you say de as in day. And soy as in soy sause. Pretty simple. :) To avoid hard feelings from folks souith of the border, it might be better to say "Soy de los Estados Unidos / estadounidense". Remember - everyone in north, central, and south America ( Full Answer )

How do you say are you from the US in Spanish?

To say "you are from the US", it is "Usted es de los Estados Unidos". If you want to say "I am from the United States", then it is "Soy de los Estados Unidos".

How do you say used to buy in Spanish?

The terms "used to", or was...ing" or "were...ing" are expressed in Spanish by using a form of the past tense known as the imperfect tense. It is used to express actions in the past that were continuous or habitual over time, or for expression of moods. In this case, you really need to know who i ( Full Answer )

How do you say she use to dance in spanish?

(Ella) solía/ acostumbraba/ tenía la costumbre de bailar. It's strongly advised not to use "ella" if the context is already given. Otherwise, omit this personal pronoun.

What us the days of the week in spanish?

Sunday- domingo, Monday- lunes Tuesday-martes Wednesday-miercoles Thursday-jueves Friday-viernes Saturday-sabado **make sure not to capitalize the days of the week in spanish.

What does us ted mean is spanish?

The proper spelling is "usted" not "us ted". It means you (formal. i.e. speaking to a principal, president, teacher, doctor, etc.) It can also mean "he/she" (formal) depending on the context of the sentence and how you use it.

When do you use Don in Spanish?

The use of the title 'Don' in Spanish is a sign of respect on the part of the person speaking toward the person so addressed. In Spanish, the title 'Don' frequently precedes the person's first name (Examples: Don Diego, Don Fernando, Don Ricardo, etc.) as opposed to their surname. Its use is a sort ( Full Answer )

What is percent used for?

In mathematics, a percentage is a way of expressing a number as a fraction of 100 ( per cent meaning "per hundred" in Latin). It is often denoted using the percent sign, "%", or the abbreviation Percentages are used to express how large/small one quantity is, relative to another quantity. The fir ( Full Answer )

When do you use se in Spanish?

Yo sé = I know Impersonal se: for example Se hablan español en españa = Spanish is spoken in Spain As a reflexive pronoun: Se despierta a las ocho = He gets himself up at eight. As the command for Ser Sé bueno = Be good

When use percent e and when use percent f?

%f is used for the floating value in programing languages like c,c++. these floating values are those which contain the decimal no.s like 23.76 etc to show these values we use %f. now %e is used for the exponent value in c language. Note: When in doubt, use %g

Why do the us have Spanish soap operas?

Why Not?? The US is a country of many different cultures and languages. The primary language is English, but there is no harm in having Spanish speaking soap opera.

How do you say used to drink in spanish?

Se utiliza para beber = is used for drinking purposes. bebia (with an accent on the 'i') = had the habit of drinking in the past

What percent is it used?

Percentage is used for anything. For example, 10% off and a dress costs £100. So, 10% of £100 will be £10. For sale it would be for £10. 50% off and a shirt costs $200. So, 50% of $200 will be $100. For sale the shirt will cost $100. If you do this method, ( Full Answer )

When do you use the Spanish verb ir in Spanish?

As a general rule of thumb, "ir" in Spanish and "to go" in Englishare very similar in usage. If you would "to go" in English, thereis a 90% chance that you should use "ir". The only times that "go"does not correlate with "ir" is when "go" is being used in anexpression that does not "go" to a certain ( Full Answer )

What is the percent of Catholics who are Spanish speaking?

There are no figures outside of the United States that I can find,about 20% of the world's population is Catholic. Mos of the Spanishspeaking nations are predominately Catholic, so with over a billionCatholics world wide, you would probably be safe in assuming thatover a third of them. Brazil has th ( Full Answer )

Where is percent used?

If someone said student A got 232 out of 400 and student B got 732 out of 1500, you cannot readily compare the scores to see which student is doing better. But if we convert the two scores are converted to percent values the scores are 58 and 48.8 and it is easy to see that student A is doing better ( Full Answer )