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College Applications and Entrance Requirements

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College Applications and Entrance Requirements

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Q: What percent of Utah State pre-med pass the Mcat?
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What state has 12.6 percent of its population that snow ski?


Where is Utah State Universtiy located?

Utah State Universtiy is located in the state of Utah.

Where is Dixie State College of Utah located?

Dixie State College of Utah is located in the state of Utah.

What are the 5 division 1 college teams and their mascots in the state of Utah?

Utah state, Utah utes, byu weber state, southern Utah

Was Utah a free state or slave state?

Utah was a Free State.

When was Utah declared a state?

when was Utah declared a state

What is the state nickname for Utah?

Utah is the beehive state.

What is the high school graduation rate in Washington state?

Washington state has a 76 percent high school graduation rate. Their rate of graduation for students with disabilities is 56 percent. Washington state has the same graduation rate as California, Utah, and West Virginia.

Where is Utah state university?

Utah State University is located in Logan, Utah, which is on the north end of Utah near Idaho.

What is the state Utah famous for?

The State of Utah is famous for it's interesting name. And also for the beehives. Utah is the beehive state

What is the name of a US state ends in h?

Utah is the only US state ending in H.

What is the Utah state moto?

Utah's State Motto is "Industry".

What is the nickname for the state of Utah?

Utah is called The Beehive State.

What is the farthest state from Utah?

Maine is the farthest state from utah

What is the state motto of Utah?

The state of Utah has a one word motto, which is Industry. The state bird of Utah is the California gull, and the state flower is the sego lily.

What country is in Utah?

there is no country in Utah. Utah is a state

Which one of these are a landlocked state Massachusetts Utah or Alaska?

Utah It is a landlocked state

What is the name of Utah's flag?

The state flag of Utah does not have an official name or nickname but is blue in color. The nickname of the state of Utah is "The Beehive State".

Which state is farther north Utah or Nebraska?


What number state is Utah?

Utah was admitted to the US as the 45th state.

Flower for the state of Utah?

The state flower for Utah is the Sego Lily.

State flower of Utah?

The Sego lily is the state flower of Utah.

What is the state soil of Utah?

The state soil of Utah is Mivida soil.

What is the state fish of Utah?

The Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarki utah) was adopted in 1977 as Utah's state fish.

What is Utah's state motto and nickname?

Utah's state nickname is "The Beehive state" and the motto is "Industry"