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1 in every 250 people are anorexic. So that is 0.4% or so.
Roughly 1 in every 250 people are anorexic, or have an eating disorder with anorexic-like properties.

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Q: What percent of british people are anorexic?
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What percent of the people in the US have anorexia?

Roughly 1 out of every 250 people is anorexic, or has anorexic-like tendencies when it comes to food.

What percent of girls are anorexic?

the percent of girls that are anorexic is 90% the other 10% are boys (i know this for a fact)

How many percent of anorexic women die every year?

10% of people die every year.

What percent of adults have anorexia?

It is estimated that roughly 1 in every 250 women is anorexic or has certain anorexic-eating-disorder-tendencies. Out of those people, roughly 1% is an adult (over the age of 25 or so).

Do anorexic people know they're anorexic?

People say, they do not know. They know.

Where are the most anorexic people born?

Japanese people are most anorexic in the world

How many people become anorexic in the UK?

Roughly 1 in every 250 people is anorexic.

Do anorexic people eat kitchen roll?

No, anorexic people do not eat kitchen roll. I know this because i am anorexic and i haven't eaten kitchen roll since... forever!

What percent of British people are obese?


What is the percent of anorexia in America male and female?

1 in every 250 Americans in estimated to be anorexic or have anorexic tendencies. Of that, 90% are women and 10% are men.

What percent of teens are anorexic today?

Roughly 1 in every 250.

How many british teenagers are anorexic?

Roughly 1 in every 250.

How many people get anorexia in UK?

An estimated 1 in every 250 people are anorexic or exhibit anorexic-like tendencies.

How may people suffer from anorexia in America?

1 in every 250 people is anorexic or shows anorexic tendencies in America.

Percentage of anorexic in US?

Roughly 1 in every 250 people in the US is anorexic.

What percent of females suffer from anorexia?

I'm not fully sure as to the percentage of how many woman are anorexic but I CAN say that out of all anorexics, studies prove that 85-95% of anorexic people are woman. I'm sorry I could'nt fully answe your question but I hope this helps :{D

What percent of teens are anorexic?

An estimated 1 in every 250 world-wide.

What is the diet for an anorexic?

Anorexic people do not eat anything. They starve themselves due to mental conditions.

Are anorexic people healthy?


What do 62 percent of British people do once a year?

avoid traffic lights

What's an anorexic diet?

Anorexic "diets" are very unhealthy and WikiAnswers does not encourage people to go on such a "diet".

How many people are anorexic in the world?

4 people

Is there anorexic people in Europe?


Is it tempting to go anorexic?

For wannabes it is but for most people like myself that just sounds stupid as i am a proper anorexic.

How many anorexic people are there in the world?

Millions and millions of people world-wide are anorexic. An estimated 1% of the population in the entire world suffers from diagnosable anorexia.