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Q: What percent of cities in Brazil are poor?
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Is Brazil already modernized?

Brazil is very modern in Suburbs and Cities but it does have a lot of poverty meaning that where the poor live is not very modern these are called favelas

What are cities in Brazil?

Brazil has many cities of over a million people.

How many cities in Brazil?

in the northeast of Brazil there are 15,865,678 people and in Brazil about 190,000,000In Brazil there are 5570 counties (census of 2013) comprising towns, cities and large cities.

Who is the Minister of Cities for Brazil?

Gilberto Magalhaes Occhi is the Minister of Cities for Brazil.

How many cities are there in Brazil?

27 cities

Major cities of Brazil?

Brazil has many cities, large and small. The major cities in Brazil are Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and Sao Paolo.

Do more people live in farms or cities in Brazil?

People mostly live in cities in brazil

What are the poor people like in Brazil?

they are very poor

What is the main cities of Brazil?


What are major cities and their population in Brazil?

Brazil has many large cities. It has 5,570 municipalities.

Are there poor people in Brazil?

Poor people exist even in developed countries. Brazil, as an emergent country has more poor people.

What percentage of brazil is bisexual?

About 30 percent of Brazil population is bisexual. In Brazil 7.5 percent of men are gay and 2.6 percent of the men are bisexual.

Is there any poor parts in Brazil?

Yes there are. A vast majority of Brazil live in extreme poverty. In Brazil you are extremly rich or extremly poor

Does Brazil have 36 states and 6 cities?

No... Brazil has 36 states and a Federal District. And 5561 cities.

Cities in Brazil that begin with the letter A?

· Anapolis is a city in Brazil

What cities surround the Amazon River?

There are many cities that surround the Amazon River. Some of these cities include Manaus, Brazil, Santarem, Brazil, Belem, Brazil, as well as Iquitos, Peru.

Why are the people in Brazil so poor?

Brazil has the 8th largest economy in the world. According to the World Bank, Brazil is a rich country, but- An extreme divide between rich and poor. Rich and poor live side-by-side in Brazil.

What cities are located on the Amazon River?

some cities are:Iquitos(Peru)Manaus(Brazil)Belem do Para (Brazil)

Is Brazil a poor country?

in the middle

What are the closest cities in Brazil?

Closest to what?

Why did Portugal imperialize Brazil?

because brazil is as poor as a contry as portugal

What are some cities in Brazil that begin with the letter V?

· Vitoria, Brazil

Are the cities in Brazil located in one region?

No, the cities of Brazil are distributed all over the country. There are more cities on the East coast than the west coast.

Cities in Brazil that begin with the letter B?

· Brasilia, Brazil · Belo Horizonte, Brazil · Belem, Brazil · Belford Roxo, Brazil · Betim, Brazil

What percentage of Brazil is poor?

it's about 86 % of poor people in Barzil.