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What percent of girls can throw a football?


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no very many about 30% can throw a football really good.

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The same way that males throw an (American?) football.

If you throw it right, the football will spiral everytime.

You throw a football like you would a baseball.

In Brazil 80 percent of the people play, both boys and girls.

No you can not score from a throw in.

The same way you throw a football normally, just with more power.

I say it this way: "I like to throw and catch a football."

you use almost every major muscle in your body to throw a football

Tim Tebow can throw a football between 65 and 70 yards

Girls do play football.

it depends on how hard you throw

About 70 percent of the kids play football. A good number are usually boys while girls account for a small number. Football is the world's most popular sports.

they can throw it about 50 to 120mph

there is no awnser for how far you can throw a baseball football softball...ect. everyone has there own strenght which gives them the ability to throw farther..for example my brother has more muscle so he can through a football a 100ft. but i have less sttrenght and can througha football only 50ft. Many professional baseball and football players can throw a football or baseball father then a child of age 13 or even 18

In American football (gridine) you kick and throw it. In Irish football (gaelic) you kick, hanball and throw it. Soccer - Kick and Throw Aussie Rules - Kick, HAndball, SMILE!!!!

Well, many quarterbacks can throw 60 yards, the farthest recorded throw, was 45646 yards by Donald Trump's hair.

the longest throw ever recorded was 1 mile

75% of girls play football. hope that helped.

the gear that affects a football throw would be the shoulder pads because when you throw a ball your shoulder will rotate and when your shoulder pads are there then it interferes with your arm and shoulder

There is no definitive record for the longest football throw in history, but many believe former NFL quarterback Vinny Testaverde's 80-yard throw in the 1988

A flat football goes as far as a Hoagie Does *dughs I can throw a flat football a spiral around the circumference of the room 4

make sure to keep your feet chopping and step forward and bend your arm and throw the football

When the ball goes out of play and you throw it in. A bit like a throw-in in football

Fotballs very seldomly throw anything, so, the answer is no.

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